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Q: What is a Variable Speed Drive?

A: DVS, LV, and VS refer to Digital Variable Speed drives a feature of the Sharp LMV-49-DVS, LMV-50-DVS, TMV-DVS, 1118H, 1340VS, 1640LV, 1660LV, and 1860LV. This feature allows the user to adjust the speed electronically, providing precise control over the cutting speed. With digital controls, operators can easily set and adjust the speed according to their specific machining needs. This feature offers greater flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in milling and turning operations.

Q: What is a Miter Band Saw:

A: Miter bandsaw allows the head to pivot for the user to cut at any angle between 90 degrees straight cut and 60 degree miter cut. This leaves the material stationary, ideal for long stock lengths and tight workspace. Click here to check out Sharp Miter Band Saws

Q: What is a Digital Readout?

A: Skip the manual measurements and guesswork. DRO provides users with real-time and accurate measurements of their machining processes. DRO can be installed on milling machines, lathes, surface grinders, and cylindrical grinders. At Sharp, we carry only the top DRO manufacturers Newall, Acu-Rite and Fagor.

Q: Do Sharp Precision Machines offer UL compliance certificates?

A: Yes. At additional cost we can install UL upgrade components to meet the State of California standard and UL certificate. We highly recommend speaking to your local UL office regarding state requirements.

Q: What is the estimated lead time on machines and parts:

A: With a 100,000 sqft facility Sharp Industries stock over 250 machines and thousands of replacement parts.  All in-stock machines and parts will be ready for shipment within 1-5 business days.

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