Manual Cylindrical Grinders


OD Cylindrical Grinders

The cylindrical grinder can perform many types of Outside Diameter grinding such as : straight traverse, plunge, multi plunge traverse, taper, angle forming, radius forming, and Inside Diameter traverse (with optional ID attachment)
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  • Sharp's Cylindrical-Grinder-OD-8-Diameter
    Cylindrical Grinders

    OD – 820HE

    OD 8 in.
    Length 20 in.
    HP 3 hp
  • Sharp's Cylindrical-Grinder-OD-10-Diameter
    Cylindrical Grinders

    OD – 1020HE

    OD 10 in.
    Length 20 in.
    HP 5 hp

NC Cylindrical Grinders

In this model of cylindrical grinder, the wheel head infeed is driven by AC digital servo motor which controls the precise distance the wheel head moves digitally. This results in more precise repetitive OD grinding and ease of operation.
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