Sharp's CNC Precision Lathes (Flat Bed) 3060TC-F


Swing 30 in.
Centers 78.75 in.
Bore, HP 6.7 in., D1-11, 20 hp


This is a user friendly CNC lathe with full CNC functions and manual operation functions. It has programmable spindle speed, and 4- way tool post positioning. The Electronic handwheel (MPG) can be used for manual operation.

  • FANUC Oi-TF CNC , 10.4” LCD screen
  • 30” swing, 79” between centers (3080 Oi-TF)
  • A2-11 , 6.7” spindle bore,
  • 20 HP motor
  • 2 steps gear speed change (10-1,000 rpm)
  • programmable spindle speed
  • Electronic Handwheel (MPG)
  • 8 positions hydraulic turret ( 4 internal, 4 external)
  • Auto lube system


3000-Series Features

  • Operate as manual lathe with electronic handwheels,
  • Operate as a full CNC lathe with programmable speed, using M code or G code language,
  • Operate semi automatically, combining manual and CNC operations
  • A2-11 spindle, 6.7” spindle bore
  • Geared head with 2 steps speed change, Automatic speed change
  • Inch/Meter threading Left or right-hand threading, single or multiple-start threading

The Fanuc OiTF all digital control and drive package provides exceptional value and reliability. The control features a clear 10.4” LCD screen that pivots out of easy operator viewing. It can catalog 400 part-program numbers and features an internal 2 GB solid state Data Server with 512 K RAM memory reserved for part programs. It features an embedded high speed Ethernet capability and AICC II and includes DB-25, RS-232 serial interface, RJ-45 Ethernet interface USB, and PC MCIA CF memory card connections for program transfer. Manual Guide-i conversational programming provides fast & efficient intuitive menu driven shop floor programming and includes a Thread Repair Cycle. An MPG handwheel is also provided.

Selected functions:

  • Chuck & tailstock barrier
  • Chamfering on/off
  • Exact stop mode or one-time
  • Work shifts G 52-G59
  • Programmable parameters
  • Canned cycles
  • Rigid tapping
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Direct input of offset value measured
  • Stored stroke check 1, 2 & 3
  • Chamfering and corner radius
  • Multi & continuous threading
  • DBC operation with memory card
  • Sub program call
  • Direct input of coordinate system shift
  • 64 offset pairs
  • Mirror image
  • Program & sequence # search
  • Variable lead thread cutting
  • Customer macros
  • Circular interpolation by R programming
  • Spindle speed override
  • Tool nose radius compensation
  • DNC operation from memory card
  • Multiple repetitive canned cycles 1 & 2





Swing Over Bed

29.92 in.

760 mm

Swing Over Cross Slide

19 in.

480 mm

Turing diameter (in front of cross slide with 8-station turret turning tool) :

22 in.

558.8 mm

Distance between centers

78.75 in.

2,000 mm

Width of Bed

18 in.

460 mm

Length of Bed

137.75 in.

3,500 mm

Center height

15 in. )

380 mm

Bed Casting Height

15.75 in.

400 mm

Bed way one flat and Vone flat and V
Bed way of cross slideDovetail slide way Dovetail slide way




Spindle bore

6.7 in.

170 mm

Spindle nose A2-11 A2-11
Range of spindle speed 10-1,000 rpm 10-1,000 rpm
No. of spindle speed 2 steps/ auto selected gear ranges 2 steps/ auto selected gear ranges




X-axis cross slide travel

19.68 in.

500 mm

Z-axis travel longitudinal travel

78.75 in.

2,000 mm

X-axis ball screw diameter

1.25 in.

32 mm

Z-axis ball screw diameter:

1.96 in.

50 mm




X/Z-axis rapid feed

1,394 ipm

10,000 mm/min

X/Z-axis cutting feed rate

118.11 ipm

3,000 mm/min

Turret Hydraulic 8 position turret LS 200 with 4 X internal tool holder and 4 X external tool wedgesHydraulic 8 position turret LS 200 with 4 X internal tool holder and 4 X external tool wedges
Tool shank/Number

1 x 1 in.

25.4 mm x 25.4 mm

Boring bar diameter

1.5 in.





Quill diameter

5 in.

125 mm

Quill travel

7.87 in.

200 mm

Taper of center MT6MT6




Spindle motor

20 HP

14.91 kw

X-axis servo motor

2 HP

1.6 kw

Z-axis servo motor

4 HP

3 kw

Hydraulic Pump motor

2 HP

1.5 kw

Coolant pump

0.75 HP

0.55 kw

Power consumption28 KVA28 KVA




Net Weight

10,120 lbs.

4,590 kg

Machine dimensions

15.41 x 6.56 x 5.91 ft.

4.69 x 1.99 x 1.80 M

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • Flat belt type chip conveyor
  • Full enclosure splash guard
  • 16” 3 jaw chuck
  • Air assist manual tailstock
  • Stead rest (3”-8”)
  • High pressure coolant system
  • Rear chuck guard
  • Electrical box to suit CNC Turning Control
  • 8 positions turret programmable tool post (4 internal, 4 external)
  • Incandescent Work Lamp
  • Electronic handwheel (MPG) X & Y Axis

Optional Accessories

  • Transformer (28 KVA) $
  • Steady rest with bearing (grip range
  • Follow up rest (0.4” – 5.5”)
  • Follow up rest (10”- 18”)           
  • Hydraulic tailstock with foot padel in lieu of manual tailstock
  • Boring attachment
  • 20” 3 jaw chuck, A2-15 with back plate                                
  • 10” bore in lieu of 6.5” bore
  • 20” 3-jaw chuck A2-15, 255 mm through hole with back plate
  • Spindle chiller                                                                                                    

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