Sharp Manual Machines

Manual Mills

This series includes mills with vertical, horizontal, vertical/horizontal combined spindles. There are knee type mills and bed type mills ideal for all sizes of work pieces.

Manual Lathes

This series includes extra high precision toolroom lathes, regular engine lathes of all sizes and big bore oil county lathes.

Surface Grinders

This series includes:  saddle type, column moving type,  and double column type surface grinders of all sizes.

Cylindrical Grinders

This series includes manual OD/ID grinders and NC OD grinders with servo driven wheel head infeed.

Horizontal Band Saws

This series includes : manual saws, miter saws that can cut at different angles, automatic saws with many convenient features and NC saws that allow parameters to be put in the control box to perform different operations.

Radial arm Drills

This series includes models with different capacities for drilling,tapping, and  boring of various materials.

  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 8.29 in.
    Head Travel 25.20 in.
    Column to Spindle 33.46 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 12 in.
    Head Travel 35 in.
    Column to Spindle 48 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 17 in.
    Head Travel 50 in.
    Column to Spindle 63 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 17 in.
    Head Travel 61 in.
    Column to Spindle 78 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 22 in.
    Head Travel 79 in.
    Column to Spindle 98 in.