Radial Arm Drills

Radial Arm Drills

The Sharp Heavy Duty Drilling Machines are designed for a wide range of machining operations to be used under the most demanding conditions. All major castings are made of closed grained fully ribbed iron to give maximum stability under stress. The headstock gears are made of hardened and ground nickel-chrome alloy steel. The arm is mounted with ground slideways and operated by electric or hydraulic control depending on the model.


  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 8.29 in.
    Head Travel 25.20 in.
    Column to Spindle 33.46 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 12 in.
    Head Travel 35 in.
    Column to Spindle 48 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 17 in.
    Head Travel 50 in.
    Column to Spindle 63 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 17 in.
    Head Travel 61 in.
    Column to Spindle 78 in.
  • Manual Machines


    Column Diameter 22 in.
    Head Travel 79 in.
    Column to Spindle 98 in.
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