Travel 24 x 32 x 20 in.
Trunnion Table 20 in.
A Axis Travel -110 – 20°
C Axis Rotates 360°


5-Axis Simultaneous Machining

Minimize handling, maximize productivity

The Sharp SVX-500 vertical machining center is engineered to have unrivaled quality and outperform all other machines in its category. Sharp’s SVX-500 allows true 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneous machining. Unlike the 3-axis that requires a separate setup for cutting different sides of a part, the 5-axis machine requires the part to be set only once and rotated into a series of positions to machine each side without the need to reset the part. All major castings of the SVX-500 are analyzed using the Finite Element Method (FEM) to locate areas of stress and strain, multiple loading conditions from thermal, gravity, centrifugal and enforced displacement. Ribs locations are properly defined to maintain rigidity throughout the entire machine. The 5-axis is constructed using the box-in-box design to assure accuracy and rigidity under different cutting conditions.

  • FANUC 31iB5, 10.4” LCD color screen
  • 5-Axis Simultaneous
  • Linear Roller Pack Way Construction
  • Travel: X/Y/Z: 23.6″/ 31.9″/ 19.7″, A / C Axis: -110-20° / 360°
  • Max Working Piece: 770 lbs
  • Trunnion: 19.7″ Dia. Cam Roller Type, Zero Backlash
  • 15K rpm, CAT 40 Big Plus, Built-in spindle, 20/25 HP
  • ATC: 30 Tools( 60T optional) “Wine Rack” style, tools move in from under spindle
  • Box-in-Box construction
  • Position Accuracy: X/Y/Z (+/- 0.0015) (0.00006″)
  • Repeatability Accuracy: X/Y/Z (+/- 0.0015) (0.00006″)
  • A/C Axis Position Accuracy: A +/- 6, C +/-5 Arc Sec
  • Chip conveyor situated at back of machine
  • Coolant Nozzle: 2; Air Blow Nozzle: 1
  • Coolant Tank Capacity: 63 Gal

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Box-in-Box Construction

The machine is constructed using the box-in-box design to assure precision and rigidity under different cutting conditions. The work piece is fixed to allow large heavy parts to be machined with high accuracy. The spindle head moves on highly rigid roller guide ways along the X and Y axis on top of the box structure. Twin ball screws are used for Y axis travel. The trunnion table is anchored on both sides to the wall of the box structure to ensure precise C and A axis movements. Such arrangement maintains total machine balance and eliminates overhang due to the moving table.

Zero Backlash Trunnion Table

The trunnion table is anchored at both ends to the side wall of the box casting to ensure precise C and A axis movement. It utilizes roller cam bearings to eliminate any backlash. It delivers more torque and low rpm than other 5 axes machine with swivel head. The design also facilitates the transition from 3 axes to 5 axis machining due to the similarity in approach to parts.

Lower Gravity Linear Axes Travel

The rigid liner roller guide system has low gravity center and low friction to maintain fine finish on work piece. With rapid traverse reaching 2,362 ipm (60M/min) along the X, Y axis, it shortens positioning time and increase productivity.

Built-in Spindle Motor Ceramic Bearings

Packing a motor and machining spindle in one unit eliminate couplings, belts, and gearboxes. It also lets them cut back on spindle inertia and increase acceleration and deceleration times. The lack of drive-traverse forces makes the spindles accurate, thanks to smooth, precise spindle motion even at low speeds. The units is compact, lightweight, and have high power densities.

Ceramic bearings are more corrosion-resistant, harder, and last longer in everyday use. Light lubrication is needed, so they roll much quicker with less drag than standard steel bearings. Ceramic deals with heat better, so less friction is a bonus.

Linear Scales and Rotary Encoders

Linear scales are installed on the X, Y, Z axis to ensure accurate linear travel of the spindle head. Rotary encoder is in installed on the trunnion table for accurate measurement of rotational travel of the trunnion table.

Wine-Rack Style Tool Change System

The Automatic Tool Changer is installed at the back of the machine. It makes the tool change from behind and under the spindle. It eliminates the action of a swing arm. All tools sit vertically on a rotating stand. The arrangement allows easy access to the tools for maintenance at the back of the machine.

BLUM Z-nano Tool Setter and BLUM T-60 Touch Probe

BLUM Z-nano Tool Setter for tool breakage detection and tool length measurement

BLUM T-60 Touch Probe to identify and set-up parts, measure features in‑cycle for adaptive machining, monitor workpiece surface condition and verify finished component dimensions.
Above two devices are standard on the machine.


Work Capacity InchMetric
X axis travel 23.6 in. 600 mm
Y axis travel 31.9 in. 810 mm
Z axis travel 19.7 in. 500 mm
A axis travel (tilting) -110 to +20'-110 to +20'
C axes travel (rotation) 360°360°
Spindle nose to table (A= 0°) 1.9-21.7 in. 50-550 mm
Table Area InchMetric
Max Work Piece Weight 770 lbs. 350 kg
T-Slot (No. x Width x degree)0.7 in. x 45 degrees 18 mm x 45 degrees
Round Table Diameter19.6 in. 500 mm
Spindle InchMetric
Spindle taper ISO 7/24 40 BBT Dual Contact ISO 7/24 40 BBT Dual Contact
Spindle speed 15,000 ceramic bearing 15,000 ceramic bearing
Spindle motor: cont./30 min20/25 HP 15/18.5 Kw
Spindle torque: 15 minute rating 118 Nm at 1500 rpm / 42 Nm at 5000 rpm 118 Nm at 1500 rpm / 42 Nm at 5000 rpm
Transmission Built in Built in
Automatic Tool Changer InchMetric
ATC type From behind and under spindle From behind and under spindle
Tool capacity 3030
Max. tool diameter 2.99 in. 76 mm
Without adjacent tool 4.92 in. 125 mm
Max. tool length 11.8 in. 300 mm
Max. tool weight 15.4 lbs. 7 kg
Method of tool selection Fixed Fixed
Motion InchMetric
Rapid traverseX/Y: 2,362 ipm / Z: 1,890 ipm X/Y: 60,000 mm/min / Z: 48,000 mm/min.
Cutting feed rate 0.04-1,890 ipm 1-48,000 mm/min
Feed motor (Fanuc) nm (inch) X/Y/C: alpha 22/4000 / Z: alpha
22B/4000 / A: alpha 40B/4000
X/Y/C: alpha 22/4000 / Z: alpha
22B/4000/ A: alpha 40B/4000
Positioning accuracy 0.00006 in. 0.0015 mm
Repeatability accuracy 0.00006 in. 0.0015 mm
A axis position accuracy +/- arc sec66
A axis repeatability accuracy +/- arc sec33
C axis position accuracy accuarcy +/- arc sec55
C axis repeatability accuracy accuarcy +/- arc sec33
Ballscrew diameter X/Y/Z1.77 in. 45 mm
Coolant System InchMetric
Coolant tank capacity 63 gal 240 L
Number of Flood Coolant Nozzles 44
Machine Size InchMetric
Floor space (w/o chip conveyor) W: 91.3 in. x D: 169 in. W: 2320 mm x D: 4295 mm
Height 127.1 in. 3230 mm
Weight28,050 lbs. 12,750 lbs.
Door opening 31.5 in. 800 mm
Power Requirements InchMetric
Electrical 220V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase / 45 KVA220V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase / 45 KVA
Air 6 CFM at 88 psi 6 CFM at 88 psi

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • X/Y/Z Axis HEIDENHAIN Linear Scales; A/C Axis Heidenhian Encoder
  • Spindle Chiller, 70 Bar CTS Prepped, Ball Screw Cooling Brackets
  • Coolant through Spindle prepped
  • Internal Chip Auger
  • BLUM Touch Probe and Tool Setter
  • Double ballscrews on Y travel
  • Rigid Tapping, 200 Blocks Look Ahead
  • 4 Extra M Code
  • Removable Hand Wheel (MPG)
  • Air Reservoir Tank with Alarm
  • Chip Coolant Flush
  • Full Enclosure
  • Coolant Gun, Air Gun
  • Coolant Nozzle: 4; Air Blow Nozzle: 1

Optional Accessories

  • Coolant Through Spindle Pump
  • 40 Tools in lieu of 30 Tools
  • Transformer for 440V

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