Sharp CNC MAchines

Vertical Machining Centers

This series include box way, linear roller pack ways, gear head construction and double column design models for different machining requirements. FANUC Oi-MF control is used on all models.

5-Axis Simultaneous VMC

Ideal for 5 sided machining or 5 axis simultaneous contouring, this series has C frame construction and box-in-box design. FANUC 31i-B5 control is used. Heindenheim or Siemens controls are available.

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  • CNC Machines


    Travel 25.2 x 16.9 x 18.7 in.
    Trunnion Table 6 in.
    A Axis Travel +20 ~ -120°
    C Axis Rotates 360°
  • CNC Machines


    Travel 29.92 x 23.62 x 19.69 in.
    Trunnion Table 11.8 in.
    A Axis Travel 30 – 120°
    C Axis Rotates 360°
  • CNC Machines


    Travel 24 x 32 x 20 in.
    Trunnion Table 20 in.
    A Axis Travel -110 – 20°
    C Axis Rotates 360°

CNC Heavy Duty Bed Mills (No ATC)

This is an economical and simple CNC bed type mill for machining large work piece. The model with 2 spindles can do 5 sided machining with the optional rotary table or indexer.

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CNC Vertical Knee Mills

The user-friendly controls (ACU-RITE, or FAGOR) makes 2 axes or 3 axes CNC milling operations easy and economical.

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CNC Precision Lathes (Flat Bed)

The simple, to use CNC lathe makes threading, drilling and doing taper easy and economical.

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  • CNC Machines


    Swing 18 in.
    Center Distance 40 in.
    Bore, HP 2.3 in., D1-6, 10 hp
  • CNC Machines


    Swing 20 in.
    Centers 60 in.
    Bore, HP 3.4 in., D1-8, 10 hp
  • CNC Machines


    Swing 24 in.
    Center Distance 60 in.
    Bore, HP 4.1 in., D1-8, 15 hp

CNC Big Bore Lathes (Flat Bed)

This large capacity CNC lathe with 2 axes servo drive, offer simply many complicated turning operations. It is ideal for most industrial applications, including job shops, oil field, power utilities and ship building.

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CNC Cylindrical Grinders

The 2 axes CNC grinder offer easy operations for accurate plunging, traverse grinding, taper and radius grinding operations.

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