Column Diameter 22 in.
Head Travel 79 in.
Column to Spindle 98 in.


This is a high performance machine ideal for drilling, tapping , boring, reaming, lapping, screwing, counter boring, spot facing, and much more, on materials such as cast iron and steel.

  • 22” column diameter
  • MT #6 spindle, 10 HP motor
  • 98.42” column to spindle center
  • Drilling: 3.9” cast iron, 3.1” steel
  • Boring: 8.2” cast iron, 6.5” steel
  • Double tube column design for extra rigidity
  • Arm elevation controlled by hydraulic motor
  • Built-in automatic tool ejector
  • Safety device prevents arm from dropping even when bronze nut is worn out
  • Auto reverse tapping function
  • T-slots and drain channels on box table

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Individual power control

Individual power control (hydraulic) of arm, column and head clamping for easy positioning of spindle after change of tool

elevation and direction

Joy stick control arm elevation and spindle forward and reverse action


Adjustable spindle counter weight


Diameter of column21.65 in. 550 mm
Distance from column surface to spindle center, max.98.42 in. 2500 mm
Coolant Equipment (HP) 19.68 in.500 mm
Travel of spindle head78.74 in. 2000 mm
Distance from base surface to spindle end, max.78.74 in. 2000 mm
Distance from base surface to spindle end, min.21.65 in. 550 mm
Elevating height of arm39.37 in. 1000 mm
Effective area of table39.37 x 31.49 x 22.04 in. 1000 x 800 x 560 mm
Dimensions of base138.58 x 55.12 x 12.60 in. 3,520 x 1,400 x 320 mm
Taper hole in spindleMT # 6 MT #6
Stoke of spindle17.72 in. 450 mm
R.P.M. of spindle
(rpm range x steps)
16-1,250 x 16 steps 16-1,250 x 16 steps
Feed of spindle (rev.teps)0.0016-0.126 in. x 16 steps 0.040-3.20 mm x 16 steps
Main motor (HP)10 HP 7.45 Kw
Elevating motor (HP)5 HP 3.72 Kw
Coolant Equipment (HP) 0.25 HP 0.18 Kw
Machine height from floor, max.13.09 ft. 3.98 M
Base + Column Height 12.63 ft. 3.84 M
Net weight 24,200 lbs. 10,977 Kg
Shipping Weight 27,500 lbs. 12474 Kg
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.12 x 5.25 x 12.63 ft. 4 x 1.60 x 3.84 M
Cast Iron InchMetric
Drilling3.15 in. 80 mm
Capacity Tapping3.94 in. 100 mm
Steel InchMetric
Drilling2.56 in. 65 mm
Capacity Tapping2.95 in. 75 mm
Total Power ConsumptionInchMetric
220V 18KVA/50 amps 18KVA/50 amps
440V18KVA/25 amps 18KVA/25 amps

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • Box table
  • Coolant system
  • Work light
  • 220V or 440V

Optional Accessories

  • Tilting box table

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