Horizontal Band Saws


Manual Band Saws

A simple, easy to use , general purpose wet cutting bandsaw. Equipped with basic features such as : 4 speed step pulley, carbide blade guides with roller bearings, blade brush, adjustable stock stop, front access waist level blade change, and coolant system.

  • Horizontal Band Saws


    Round8 in.
    Square7 in.
    HP1 hp
  • Horizontal Band Saws


    Round10 in.
    Square9 in.
    HP2 hp

Miter Band Saws

This series offer different degrees of miter cutting, making angle cuts without swinging material to be cut.

  • Horizontal Band Saws


    Round10 in.
    Square10 in.
    HP2 hp
  • Horizontal Band Saws


    Round13 in.
    Square11 in.
    HP3 hp
  • Horizontal Band Saws


    Round16.5 in.
    Square15.7 in.
    HP5 hp

Automatic Band Saws

Automation in this series is achieved with features like : hydraulic shuttle vise, hydraulic front and rear vises, automatic blade tensioning, power blade brush, automatic shut off after set number of cuts or out of stock, automatic kerf loss compensation, and automatic height setting.

  • Automatic Band Saws


    Round10 in., 12.6 in.
    Square10 in., 12.6 in.
    Motor3 hp, 5 hp
  • Automatic Band Saws


    Round12.6 in.
    Square12.6 in.
    HP5 hp, 7.5 hp

NC Band Saws

This series has touch screen controls that can program up to 100 jobs with different parameters. Screen has readout on blade speed, blade life, feed vise position and error code display for self-diagnostics. It has more functions than the automatic series for higher productivity.

  • Horizontal Band Saws


    Round9.8 in, 11.8 in, 18 in.
    Square9.8 in, 11.8 in,18 in.
    HP3 hp, 5 hp, 7.5 hp
  • Horizontal Band Saws


    Round12.6 in, 16.5 in., 31.5 in
    Square12.6 in, 16.5 in., 31.5 in
    HP5 hp, 7.5 hp, 10 hp

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