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Machining Lab at Santa Rosa College Upgraded with Cutting-Edge Technology by Sharp Industries

Sharp Industries, as a dedicated supporter of machining industries, recently collaborated with Santa Rosa College to enhance their machining laboratory with the latest technology. This update is aimed at improving efficiency and providing students with valuable hands-on experience.

In the realm of education, Sharp’s best-selling milling machine, the LMV-49-DVS series, and the popular metal lathes 1440V series have gained widespread recognition among educational institutions. These machines offer high accuracy at a reasonable price, making them stand out in machine tools shops. The positive feedback received from the machining labs at Santa Rosa College (SRJC) further emphasizes the success of these machines in educational settings.


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According to the program coordinator at SRJC, the LMV-49-DVS series and 1440V series are user-friendly, allowing the students to operate them efficiently for cutting parts. Notably, the partnership between SRJC and Sharp industries spans 40 years, with McCracken, the program coordinator, sharing his positive experiences. His association with Sharp dates back to his service in the U.S. Navy during the early 1980s.

Whether in machinery education or aerospace, Sharp Industries consistently delivers high-quality and highly accurate milling machines and lathes. McCracken expressed his satisfaction, stating, “I would recommend Sharp machine tools to any training program. Thank you for making a superb product and your support.”

For more details, you can read the full article of our collaboration with SRJC here.


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