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Precision Milling Excellence: Explore Sharp Industries’ Top-Tier Machines

Welcome to Sharp Industries Inc., a reputable company with almost five decades of expertise in delivering top-tier milling machines to our valued customers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the precision, durability, and innovation integrated into every machine we offer.

Cutting-Edge Features for Precision Machining

At Sharp Industries, we take pride in incorporating essential features into our knee vertical milling machines, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of machining applications. Key features include:

  • Digital Variable Spindle Speeds: Experience enhanced control over your machining operations with our machines’ digital variable spindle speeds.
  •  Sharp’s precision leadscrew provides accuracy to 0.0008” over 20” in X Axis will improve parts accuracy.
  • Our spindle is mounted in a matched pair of super precision (ABEC-7) angular contact bearing (NSK) insuring spindle runout of no more than 0.0002 T.I.R. which will improve tool life and parts surface finish.
  • The chrome plated self lubricating motor shaft has an oil channel fed by a grease fitting on the lower end of the motor shaft (Patent #28448) to extend machine life.
  • Only Sharp has a Knuckle which uses 6 T Bolts, 3 per side, fitted into Circular T-Slots with nuts securing them from the outside for increase rigidity resulting in better accuracy and performance (Patent # 5044054)
  •  Spindle control switch is made by CUTLER-HAMMER for easy maintenance.Digital Display: Stay informed and in control with a user-friendly digital display, providing real-time information on your machining parameters.
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Spotlight on LMV-49-DVS: A Customer Favorite

Our LMV-49-DVS stands out as one of our best-selling industrial vertical milling machines, highly sought after by customers for its exceptional features and performance. Watch our product video here, showcasing the machine’s capabilities.


Versatility at Your Fingertips

Operate with ease on our machines, accommodating various machining types and workpiece materials. Key operational features include:

  • 360-Degree Turret Swivel: Achieve unparalleled flexibility with a turret that swivels a full 360 degrees, allowing you to approach your machining tasks from any angle.
  • 45-Degree Head Tilt: Tilt the head 45 degrees left and right, up and down, providing you with the versatility needed for complex machining projects.
  • T-Slots for Stability: Our machines are equipped with T-slots to prevent head splitting, ensuring a stable and secure machining environment.

Explore Our Range of Models

As of today, we offer a diverse range of models to cater to your specific machining needs. Explore our knee type vertical milling machine models such as LMV-42, LMV-50, and more. Find detailed product information here. We also offer knee type horizontal milling machines and bed type milling machines. Find the product category here.

Choose Sharp Industries for precision, reliability, and innovation in every milling machine.
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