Swing x Center Dist 11 x 18 in.
Spindle Speed 4,000 rpm
Spindle Bore, Motor 1.06 in., 5 hp
Spindle Accuracy TIR 0.000050 in.


This toolroom lathe is ideal for small parts especially for those that requires threading. It offers very high precision (0.000050” TIR) and fast turn around time for machining tiny parts.

  • Digital variable speed (DVS) drive system
  • High speed spindle 130-4,000 RPM, accuracy within 50 millionth TIR
  • Hardened and ground spindle
  • Independent electric feed rate control on carriage and cross slide
  • Quick change inch/metric gearbox with 36 changes
  • Spindle supported by paired angular contact bearings
  • Quick action slide for threading
  • One piece alloy steel material, hardened and ground dovetail
  • Bedways with Turcite on carriage & bed for oil retention
  • Adjustable thread length control stops
  • Hardened and ground leadscrews

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  • Individual inverter motor drives carriage and cross slide that is separated from spindle motor for more reliable Z axis and X axis movement
  • Carriage travels on TURCITE-B coated surface for long lasting wear
  • Inch and metric dual dial for easy threading
  • Quick action compound slide allows fast retract at threading operations

Flat piece bed way that cover entire bed width gives full bearing surface for the carriage travel. Bedway is made of alloy tool steel for minimum wear after long years of use. This ensures long lasting accuracy along the Z axis travel.

  • The spindle is hardened and precision ground for accuracy
  • The spindle is mounted on high precision preloaded matched angular contact bearings for rigidity and enduring precision
  • Spindle speed is digitally variable for easy change of speed
  • Carriage feed is digitally variable for convenience
  • Leadscrew and gearbox are engaged only during threading operations for long lasting wear
  • Universal gearbox allow easy change between inch and metric threading
  • Standard lever type quick action 5C collet closure is mounted at back of spindle for easy holding and releasing of work piece.

Quick action compound slide facilitate the threading process.

Independent motor that drives the carriage and cross slide increase the flexibility of the longitudinal and cross motion in cutting. Separate pump for lubrication of the slide ways facilitate the flow of the lubrication oil.


Spindle CapacityInchMetric
With Jaw Chucks6 in.150 mm
With Expanding Collets3 in. 76 mm
With Round 5C Collets1-1/16 in.27 mm
With Step Chucks1-1/16 - 6 in. 27 - 152 mm
General CapacityInchMetric
Swing Over Bed11 in.280 mm
Swing Over Cross Slide6 in. 152 mm
Distance Between Centers18 in.457 mm
Spindle Speed50 - 4000 rpm50 - 4000 rpm
No. of Spindle Speeds

Variable (high/low)

Spindle Nose Diameter2.19 in.55.5 mm
Spindle Bore1-1/4 in.31.75 mm
Spindle Nose ID/OD5C 10°/4° taper5C 10°/4° taper

Threads and Feeds


Threads / Number

11 - 108 tpi / 36

0.275 - 2.7 / 36

Longitudinal Feeds

0.31 - 7 ipr8 - 178 mm/r
Cross Feeds0.18 - 4 ipr5 - 102 mm/r
Leadscrew Pitch, Diameter8 tpi, 1 in.8 tpi, 25.4 mm
Cross Slide Travel6 in.152 mm
Compound Slide Travel3 in. 76 mm
Quick Action Compound Travel0.1 in.2.5 mm
Quill Diameter1.35 in.34.5 mm
Quill Travel3.75 in. 95 mm
Quill Center TaperMT #2MT #2
Spindle Motor5 HP3.7 KW
Voltage220V, 440V
Phase3 Ph (no 1 Ph)
Coolant Pump Motor0.167 HP0.124 Kw
Carriage Feed Motor (DC)

½ HP, 220V

0.37 Kw

Approximate Weight1804 lbs820 Kg
Dimensions6.07 x 2.46 x 5.58 ft. 1.85 x 0.75 x 1.70 M

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • Splash guard
  • Coolant system
  • 5C collet closer
  • 5C collet holder (2)
  • Chuck guard
  • Spindle nose cover
  • Leadscrew cover
  • American tool post
  • Drive dog & gear
  • Adjustable tool setting gauges
  • Halogen work light
  • Drive plate
  • Headstock center

Optional Accessories

  • 3-jaw 6″ chuck with 6″ fixture plate
  • 4-jaw 6″ chuck with 6″ fixture plate
  • 6-jaw chuck with 6″ fixture plate
  • 3-jaw 6″ zero set chuck with fixture plate
  • 4-jaw 6″ chuck with fixture plate
  • 6-jaw chuck with 6″ fixture plate
  • 380V, 440V, 575V transformer
  • 5C collet set (1/8″ to 1-1/16″ by 1/16″) 16 sets
  • 7″ face plateQuick change tool holder set 7 sets
  • Vertical cut-off slide
  • Taper attachment
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Micrometer cartridge stop with bracket
  • Dorian tool-MT #2
  • Dorian tool-MT #2
  • Drill chuck & arbor

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