Travel 98 x 43 x 35 in.
Taper, RPM 50, 6k
Tool Capacity 40 T
Spindle Motor 35 hp


The Sharp SVG series was engineered from the ground up for hard metal machining. This is a extremely rigid “C” frame design using hardened and ground box ways. All structural components are made of Meehanite casting with internal ribs running throughout each section. Precision hand scraping of each section provides near perfect alignment assuring long term accuracy. The gearhead spindle is equipped with 35 HP motor, 6,000 rpm, CAT 50 spindle.

  • FANUC Oi-MF, 10.4” LCD color screen
  • Travel: X/Y/Z: 98″/ 43″/35″, Table: 106″ x 39″
  • 6 Box Ways (Hardened and Ground)
  • Spindle: 6K rpm, CAT 50 Geared Head, 35 HP Motor
  • ATC: Side mount 40 Tools
  • Position Accuracy: X/Y/Z (0.0003″ within 12″)
  • Repeatability : X/Y/Z (+/- 0.0002 within 12″)


Precision through Craftsmanship and Technology

Structural mating surfaces are precision hand scraped to increase the flatness and to improve geometric accuracy (straightness and squareness) of the whole assembly. This provides near perfect alignment assuring long term accuracy. 

6 Box way design

The 6 slide ways are hand scraped, hardened and ground. Box ways have superior vibration damping capacity than linear ways and can be used on severe machining applications. During a crash, they are less susceptible to damage due to large contact surface.

Gearhead High Precision Spindle

The gearhead spindle delivers greater torque output for heavy duty machining. The high quality gears (by HAMADA) are hardened and ground for durability, high accuracy and minimum noise. The gear box has circulating type filtration system to keep the lubricating oil clean. Hi-Low speed change is automatically controlled through the CNC system.

Laser Calibration, Ball Bar Test

The accuracy and repeatability of the machine is calibrated by laser interferometer. The ball bar test ensures the actual circular path matches the programmed circular path.

High Performance Heavy Duty Spindle

Geared head spindle has CAT 50 taper, 35 HP motor, and 6,000 rpm. Spindle air blast blows away small chips during each tool change. Spindle chiller performs thermal management of the spindle. The spindle is supported by matched pair of high precision (P4 class) of angular contact bearings providing radial and axial thrust support.


Work CapacityInchMetric
X axis travel98.43 in.2500 mm
Y axis travel43.31 in.1100 mm
Z axis travel35.43 in.900 mm
Spindle nose to table9.45-44.88 in.240-1140 mm
Spindle center to column41.34 in.1050 mm
Table area106.3 x 39.37 in.2700 x 1000 mm
Floor to table43.5 in.1105 mm
Max. workpiece weight7716 lbs3500 Kg
T-Slot (Number x Width x Pitch)22 x 6T x 6.3 in.22 x 6T x 160mm
Spindle taperCAT 50CAT 50
Spindle speed6000 rpm6000 rpm
Spindle motor: cont./30 min22/26 Kw22/26 Kw
Spindle torque: 30 minutes427 ft-lb(α22i / 6000rpm)579Nm (α22i / 6000rpm)
Spindle motor modelα22iα22i
Transmission2 speed gear2 speed gear
Low / high ratio(1:3:5) / (1:1)(1:3:5) / (1:1)
Spindle bearing ID3.94 in.(Front) / 3.54 in.(Rear)100mm(Front) / 90mm(Rear)
Spindle LubricationGreaseGrease
Spindle coolingChilled OilChilled Oil
Tool clamp force1800 kgf1800 kgf
Automatic Tool ChangerInchMetric
ATC typeSide Mount Side Mount
Tool capacity40T40T
Max. tool diameterø5 in.ø127 mm
Without adjacent toolø9.84 in.ø250 mm
Max. tool length11.81 in.300 mm
Max. tool weight33 lbs.15 Kg
Tool change time (tool to tool)4.39 sec.(cam-box-only)4.39 sec.(cam-box-only)
Method of tool selectionBi-direction RandomBi-direction Random
Rapid traverse315 / 315 / 315 in/min8 / 8 / 8 M/min
Cutting feed rate197 in/min5M/min
Transmission2 speed gear2 speed gear
Ball screw diameter / pitch: X/Y/ZX,Z:ø50 x Pitch 10mm Y:ø63 x Pitch 10mmX,Z:ø50 x Pitch 10mm Y:ø63 x Pitch 10mm
Feed motor - Fanuc: X/Y/Zα30i / α40i / α30iBα30i / α40i / α30iB
Axis feed thrust: X/Y/Z
Positioning accuracy*0.01 mm(JIS Standard)0.01 mm(JIS Standard)
Repeatability accuracy*0.006 mm(JIS Standard)0.006 mm(JIS Standard)
Type (all axis)Square guide way with turcite BSquare guide way with turcite B
Way size / spacing (X axis) 7.09+7.09 in. / 30.51 in.180+180 mm / 775 mm
Way max size / spacing (Y axis) 7.87+5.91+5.91+5.9+5.91+7.87 in. / 110.23 in.200+150+150+150+150+200 mm / 2800 mm
Way size / spacing (Z axis) 6.3+6.3 in. / 23.62 in.160+160 mm / 600 mm
Coolant SystemInchMetric
Coolant tank capacity132 gal560 L
Flood coolant pressure290 psi20 Bar
Floor space259.84 x 154.3 x 136.26 in.6600 x 3919 x 3461 mm
Height136.26 in.3461 mm
Weight58422 lbs26500 Kg.
Operator door opening122.05 in.3100 mm
Power Requirements InchMetric
Air80-110 psi6-8kg/cm2

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • 4th Axis Prepped (No Motor, No Drive)
  • Rigid Tapping, NANO interpolation
  • 30 Bar CTS Prepped
  • Coolant Gun, Air Gun
  • Full Enclosure, door interlock
  • Electric Cabinet Heat Exchanger
  • 4 Extra M Code
  • 1024 K Memory, USB Port, CF Card,
  •  RS-232 I/F, Embedded Ethernet
  • Air Reservoir Tank with Alarm
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Spindle chiller
  • Coolant Tank Capacity: 148 Gal

Optional Accessories

  • 2 MB part program storage
  • AICC 200 blocks look ahead
  • Rotary table
  • Coolant Through Spindle pump

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