Swing 18 in.
Center Distance 40, 60 & 80 in.
Bore, HP 3.1 in., D1-8, 7.5 hp
Spindle Speed 40 – 2,000 rpm (12)


This model is designed with 3.18” spindle hole which is unique for 18” swing lathes. Due to its one piece casting machine base, it can support heavier cutting on large diameter materials. The large through hole allows most 3” diameter oil pipes to be machined.

  • 18″ x 80″, geared head, D1-8 camlock, 3.18″ bore, 7.5 HP, 20-2,000 rpm (12)
  • Direct selection for inch/metric threads
  • One piece Meehanite casting  bed
  • 12-speed geared head (40-2,000 rpm)

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3.18” spindle bore , largest spindle in this size lathes. More choices for different diameter of materials to be machined.

  • All headstock gears are hardened and ground made from Chrome-Moly material gives long lasting power and accuracy in machining.
  • High precision pair of matched angular contact bearings supporting the front end of head stock, and rolling bearing for the rear end support. This arrangement allows high accuracy of the spindle even under heavy cutting conditions.
  • Wide range of feeds and threads. Selection done by “pull and lock” handles to avoid slipping in engagement of gears.
    Jog button is equipped at headstock for easy engagement of gears before cutting.
  • Jog button is equipped at headstock for easy engagement of gears before cutting.
  • One piece casting bed instead of sheet metal connected legs ensure dampening of vibration and permanent straightness of the bed ways.
  • The carriage and cross slide ways are lubricated by push button knobs.
  • The removable gap increases the swing by an extra 8” to accommodate larger work pieces that are short in length
  • 5 position carriage stop for pre-positioning of carriage feed distance.
  • “Tang” in tail stock for easy “knock out” of centers stuck in tailstock
Special package is available that includes 2 axis Digital Readout System, Chuck guard with limit switch, Steady rest, Follow rest and Work light





Swing Over Bed

18 in.

457 mm

Swing Over Cross Slide

10.2 in.

259.08 mm

Swing Over Gap

27.17 in.

690 mm

Gap Width (In Front Of Face Plate)

11.81 in.

300 mm

Distance Between Centers

86.6 in.

(2,200 mm)




Spindle Speed40-2,000 rpm40-2,000 rpm
Spindle NoseD1-8 camlock D1-8 camlock
Spindle Bore

3.18 in.

58 mm

Threads and Feeds



Threads, Number

4-56 tpi, 36

0.5-7mm, 17

Modular Threads, Number

0.019-0.275 in., 17

0.5-7mm, 17

Diametral Pitch Threads, Number

0.157-2.20 in., 36

4-56 mm, 36

Longitudinal Feeds

0.002 - 0.032 in./rev

0.05-0.82 mm/rev

Cross Feeds

0.0001 –0.0094 in./rev

0.02-0.4 mm/rev

Leadscrew Pitch, Diameter1.37 in., 35 mm1.37 in., 35 mm




Cross Slide Travel

10.8 in.

275 mm

Compound Travel

4.92 in.

125 mm

Compound Width

5 in.

127 mm




Bed Length

134 in.

3,415 mm

Bed Width

11.8 in.

300 mm




Quill Diameter

2.68 in.

68 mm

Quill Travel

5.9 in.

150 mm

Quill Center TaperMT #4MT #4




Spindle Motor

7.5 HP

5.625 Kw

Phase3 Phase3 Phase
Power Consumption (220 V)8KVA/25 amps8KVA/25 amps
Power Consumption (440 V)8KVA/12.5 amps8KVA/12.5 amps
Approximate Weight

4,894.26 lbs.

2,220 Kg


11.22 x 2.66 x 4 ft.

3.42 x 0.81 x 2.22 M

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • 3-jaw 10″ chuck, 12” Face plate, steady rest
  • Removeable gap, back plate
  • Coolant system, American tool post
  • Full length splash guard
  • Center sleeves, dead center, tool kit
  • Wired 220V or 440V

Optional Accessories

  • 3-jaw 12″ chuck
  • 4-jaw 12″ chuck
  • Chuck guard
  • Tool guard (at front of compound slide with limit switch)
  • Lead screw cover (full length, accordion style)
  • Safety cover at end of spindle
  • UL or CSA electrical components,  UL spindle motor, CSA pump motor

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