Long. Travel 37.4 in.
Cross Travel 13 in.
Vert. Taper, HP #40, 5 hp
Horiz. Taper, HP #50, 7.5 hp


This is a versatile machine with 2 spindles, vertical and horizontal. By taking out the locating pins and swivel the overarm to the desired position it can switch between vertical and horizontal milling operations. It allows the work piece to stay at the same fixed position and perform various milling works. Thus it avoids losing accuracy due to the loading  and unloading of work. The vertical head allows easy tapping operation via a joystick to move the rotating quill up and down. A separate lever control the boring operation of the quill.

  • 12 x 51  in. table, 14.8  x 37.4  in. travel
  • 5 hp, NST#40 geared head spindle for vertical head
  • 7.5 hp, NST #50 geared head spindle for horizontal head
  • Hardened and ground box ways
  • Built-in gear box that deliver feeds and rapids for the table, saddle and knee
  • Joystick control for tapping (vertical )
  • Lever control for boring operation to move quill up and down (vertical )
  • Electro-magnetic brake (vertical)
  • Backlash Eliminator for climb milling


Double Box Ways

The saddle moves on double box ways on top of the knee that gives extra support to the cutting force along the Y axis. 

Gear Driven 3 way Table Movements

The gear box drives the table, saddle and knee with different feed rate and rapid traverse for positioning

Joystick for Easy Tapping

The vertical head is equipped with joystick for moving the rotating quill up and down for easy tapping operations.

Precision Quill Movement

A turning handle instead of a lever is used for the movement of the quill for more precise depth. This allows boring operations to be performed on the machine.

Easy Speed Change

A crank handle is used for changing speeds of the vertical spindle

Full Featured Vertical Head

The vertical head is designed with many features that enhanced the milling operations such as automatic kick off at depth setting, quill feed by lever or hand dial, and electric magnetic spindle brake.


The overarm can swing around, and put on the arbor, and the arbor supports (standard accessories) to convert the machine to a horizontal milling mode.


Capacity Inch Metric
Table Size51.18 x 11.81 in. 1299.97 x 299.97 mm
T-slots (No., Size, Pitch)3, 5/8, 2.75 in.

3 , 15.74, 69.85 mm

Table Travel : X Longitudinal37.37 in.950 mm
Table travel : Y Cross14.81 in.

320 mm

Knee travel : Vertical18.5 in. 470 mm
Quill travel: Z Vertical 5.12 in. 130.04 mm
Ram Travel 20 in. 508 mm
Spindle Center to Column3.88 - 24.13 in. 98.55 -612.90 mm
Spindle Nose to Table Top5.12 -23.62 in. 130.04 - 599.94 mm
Horizontal Spindle Inch Metric
Spindle Nose TaperNST #50
Spindle Motor (220V/440V)7.5 HP5.5 Kw
Vertical Head, Spindle Inch Metric
Spindle Nose TaperNST #40
Spindle Variable Speed Range120-3600 rpm
Spindle Motor (220V/440V)5 HP3.72 Kw
Quill Feed (Inch/Min)(3 speeds).0019, .0038, .0076 in.0.048, 0.096, 0.193 mm
Head Tilt Angle (L/R)45°
General Inch Metric
Floor Area (W x D x H)8.91 x 7.5 x 7.93 ft.

0.67 x 1.2 x 1.71 M

Approximate Weight5,380 lbs.

2,650 Kg

Power Consumption (220V)10.5 KVA/26 amps
Power Consumption (440V)10.5 KVA/13 amps

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • Automatic lubrication system
  • 25 in diameter horizontal arbor with 2 arbor supports
  • Wired 220V or 440V

Optional Accessories

    • Digital Readout System
    • KURT vise
    • Clamping Kit
    • Work light
    • Transformer for 380V

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