Models: SW-126AD, SW-180AD
Round12.6 in., 18 in.
Square12.6 in., 18 in.
HP5 hp, 7.5 hp


This heavy duty double column automatic band saw is a high production machine with hydraulic double column saw frame and gear box to exert lateral cutting force. The double column design keeps the blade parallel to the material at all times creating consistent force throughout the entire cutting cycle.

  • 6” round, 12.6” square, 12.6” x 15” rectangular cutting capacity, 5 HP (126AD)
  • 18” round, 18” square, 18” x 18” rectangular cutting capacity, 7.5 HP (180AD).
  • PLC controls hydraulic and electric system
  • Carbide blade guides with roller bearings pre-align the blade before entering carbide blade guides. It enhances blade life
  • Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning provide proper tensioning during and after machining
  • Multiple coolant applied during exit and entry of blade through blade guides, during cutting, and blade cleaning with brush
  • Gearbox blade drive for heavy duty cutting


Double column hydraulic saw frame

Double column hydraulic saw frame with heavy duty ball joint for powerful down feed

split vise jaws

Split vise jaws. Hydraulic front and rear vises allows clamping and unclamping from control panel

auto work height

Auto work height select feature and air gap eliminator

hydraulic Shuttle Vise

Hydraulic shuttle vise rides on two large guides for handling heavy load

Specs / Models

Maximum Cutting CapicitySW-126ADSW-180AD
Round12.6 in.
(320 mm)
18 in.
(460 mm)
Square12.6 x 12.6 in.
(320 x 320 mm)
18 x 18 in.
(460 x 460 mm)
Rectangle (H x W)12.6 x 15 in.
(320 x 380 mm
18 x 18 in.
(460 x 460 mm)
Saw BladeSW-126ADSW-180AD
Speed (Inverter driven variable speed)66-328 fpm
(20-100 m/min)
66-330 fpm
(20-100 m/min)
Size167 x 1.33 x 0.04 in.
(4242 x 34 x 1.1 mm)
184 x 1.6 x 0.05 in.
(4670 x 41 x 1.3 mm)
TensionHydraulic controlledHydraulic controlled
GuideTungsten Carbide Blade GuideTungsten Carbide Blade Guide
CleaningWire BrushWire Brush
Motor OutputSW-126ADSW-180AD
Saw Blade5 HP
(3.75 Kw)
7.5 HP
(5.5 Kw)
Hydraulic1 HP
(0.75 Kw)
2 HP
(1.5 Kw)
Coolant0.12 HP
(0.08 Kw)
0.12 HP
(0.08 Kw)
Tank CapacitySW-126ADSW-180AD
Hydraulic Oil 6.60 gallons
(25 L)
10.56 gallons
(40 L)
Coolant11.88 gallons
(45 L)
21.13 gallons
(80 L)
ModeHydraulic / AutomaticHydraulic / Automatic
LengthSingle stroke: 15.9 in.
(400 mm)
9 times: max. 141 in.
(3600 mm)
Single stroke: 23.6 in.
(600 mm)
9 times: max. 212 in.
(5400 mm)
Vise ControlSplit front vise and hydraulic shuttle viseStationary & Movable Hydraulic Vises
(Front vise: Full Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder)
Net Weight4400 lbs.
(2000 kg)
6173 lbs.
(2800 kg)
Gross Weight4840 lbs.
(2200 kg)
6614 lbs.
(3000 kg)
Floor Space (L x W x H)6.58 x 6.58 x 4.91 ft.
(2 x 2 x 1.49 M)
8.69 x 7.87 x 7.70 ft.
(2.64 x 2.39 x 2.34 M)


Standard Accessories

  • Easy blade change with front access at wait level
  • Blade “clip” device to ease blade change
  • Additional flushing hose for cleaning
  • Discharge table with adjustable material stop
  • Bi-Metal saw blade
  • Coolant system
  • Tools leveling pads and additional wire brush

Optional Accessories

  • Hydraulic chip conveyor
  • Vise pressure regulator
  • 3 M powered roller table
  • Double retracting vise jaws
  • Hydraulic tool clamp for bundle cut
  • Laser beam light

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