Swing 55 in.
Centers 40 in.
Bore 6, 9, 10, 12 & 15 in.
Bed Width 32 in.


The extra heavy duty big bore T-lathe (Facing Lathe) has a swing of 55” and spindle bores of 6”, 9”, 10″, 12”, and 15” diameter. It has no tailstock. The center distance is 40” The machine bed is 32” wide. It is designed specifically for large diameter but short length work pieces.

  • Swing over bedways: 55”
  • Distance between centers: 40″
  • Spindle bore: 6″ standard, 9″, 10″, 12″, 15″ optional
  • Spindle motor: 30 hp, (40 & 50 hp, optional)
  • Bed width: 32″
  • It has no tailstock
  • M code 4 step auto change speeds


Three Points Support Headstock Spindle

The headstock casting is designed with one ball bearing and two tapered roller bearings supporting the full length of the spindle shaft.

Spindle bore sizes are available in 6”, 9”’ 10″, 12” , and 15”. Double chucks are available as options.

Gears and shafts are made from hardened and ground alloy steel, the spindle is made from forged, chrome alloy material.

One Piece Casting Bed/Base

The oversized 32” wide bedways are induction hardened and ground for long lasting accuracy.

One piece casting bedways and base offer rigidity and stiffness to the entire machine to enhance heavy cutting

Center Mount Ball Screw

The ball screw that drives the carriage and cross slide is mounted between the bed ways in the center of the bed. Unlike the conventional design with the ball screw installed in front of the bed, this design disperse the driving force equally between the two sets of bedways and deliver a more positive force along the Z axis.

Large Selections Of Tool Posts

There are different types of optional turret tool posts to be mounted on the cross slide. There are 4 way, 6 way, 8, 12 positions hydraulic or motorized tool holding devices for different works.





Maximum Swing Over Bed

55.91 in.

1420 mm

Swing Over Cross Slide

35.43 in.

900 mm

Spindal Bore

6 in.

9 in.

10 in

12 in.

15 in.

152 mm

230 mm

255 mm

305 mm

380 mm

Main Motor

30 hp (Std.)

40 hp & 50 hp (Opt.)

CNC Control





Bed Way Construction

2 V, 2 Flat Ways

Width of Bed

31.88 in.

810 mm

Length of Bed

128.54 in.

3265 mm




X-Axis Travel

(Varies by different turrets installed)

25.59 in.

650 mm

Z-Axis Travel

39.37 in.

1000 mm

X-Axis Ball Screw Diameter

1.57 in.

40 mm

Z-Axis Ball Screw Diameter

2.48 in.

63 mm




Spindle Motor

30 hp (STD Fanuc Alpha 22)

Opt: 40 hp or 50 hp

X-Axis Servo Motor

5.3 hp (Fanuc AC servo)

Z-Axis Servo Motor

5.3 hp (Fanuc AC servo)

Hydraulic Pump

2 hp

1.5 kw

Coolant Pump

1.7 hp

1.27 kw

Machine Weight




22,500 lbs.

10,200 kg





(Length without Chip Conveyor)

166.54 in.

4,320 mm


102.76 in.

2,610 mm


89.17 in.

2,265 mm

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • Controller: Fanuc Oi TF
  • Flat belt conveyor
  • Spindle 4-steps speed auto change
  • X/Z axes auto lubrication system
  • Coolant system
  • X/Z-axes with Turcite-B on slideways
  • X/Z-axes C3 ballscrew
  • Manual tailstock, MT 6
  • Steady rest 16”
  • Full enclosure splash guard
  • Heat exchanger
  • Electronic handwheel (MPG)
  • Work lamp

Optional Accessories

  • 4 jaw chuck, different sizes
  • 3 jaw chuck, different sizes
  • 3 jaw hydraulic chuck, different sizes
  • Face plate with 4 jaws, different sizes
  • Steady rest , over 16”, different sizes
  • Follow rests, different sizes
  • Boring attachment for bar dia. 120mm
  • Spindle chiller
  • Rear chuck Adapter
  • Hydraulic turret 4-way turret
  • Hydraulic turret V-8 tools, includes boring toolholder 3 pcs, facing toolholder 1 pc and turret sleeve
  • Hydraulic turret V-12 tools, includes boring toolholder 3 pcs, facing toolholder 1 pc and turret sleeve

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