Max Cutting Capacity, Throat 15.7 in.
Max Cutting Capacity, Height 13.8 in.
Motor 1 hp
Blade Speed 98 – 1,510 ft./min.


Sharp ‘s multi-function design along with easy operating system makes our vertical contour band saw suitable for cutting a wide range of materials. The superior flexibility allows users to accurately cut contour shapes, straight cuts and even make internal cuts on one self-contained machine.

The Sharp Vertical Band saw is one of the most versatile machines on the market today. It’s multi-purpose design, inverter drive, and heavily constructed base allows the machine to cut smoothly even while operating at a high-speed range: 30m~400m/min or 98 ft. to 1,510 ft./min.

With just the turn of a knob the band speed is digitally displayed and is easily adjusted for the material being cut from 118 to 1,510 ft/min. This allows the machine to cut effectively, and accurately, on a very broad range of materials.

One of the biggest advantages this versatile machine provides is allowing the operator to make straight, contour, or internal cuts on metal, wood, plastic, etc.

  • Infinite Variable Blade Speed
    The ­­­­inverter drive with the digitally displayed band speed range makes the machine ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials.
  • LED Industrial Work light
    The work light allows the operator to easily see exactly where the band saw blade is cutting.
  • The One Piece Construction
    Increases the rigidity of the machine reducing vibration in the sawing process for increased productivity and long blade life.
  • Manual Band Tension & Indicator
    This allows for the proper tensioning of the band saw blade based on the width of the blade being used.
  • Post Elevation Retention Knob
    This allows for proper positioning to the upper saw guide for more accurate cutting and longer blade life.
  • Cast  Iron Table
    Provides for a very rigid working surface for the parts being cut.
  • Rip Fence
    Make cutting of straight cuts of any length very simple for operator.
  • Chip Blower
    Make it easy to see scribed line during cutting process.
  • Blade Shear
    Allows the operator to cut the blade to the appropriate length at the machine before welding greatly enhancing convenience.
  • Blade Welder
    Compared with the general design of copper material, Sharp uses the gold-plated welding port that are less likely to oxidize and affect the welding process. This standard feature allows the operator to thread the saw blade thought a hole in the part, re-weld the sawblade at the machine, and perform internal cutting. This process increases productivity and saves money.
  • Built in Blade Grinder
    Allows the operator to grind off the slag created in the blade welding process at the saw.
  • Power Button
    Conveniently located on the front of the machine for easy operation.
  • Blade Guides & Back up Bearing
    Tungsten carbide tipped for extended life and accuracy of cut.
  • Brush For Cleaning Drive Wheel
    Eliminates chip interference in the cutting process





Max Cutting Capacity, Throat

15.7 in.

400 mm

Max Cutting Capacity, Height

13.8 in.

350 mm

Wheel Diameter

13.8 in.

400 mm

Inclination, Front/Back



Inclination, Left/Right



Table Size

23.6 x 19.7 in.

600 x 500 mm

Blade Length

136.2 in.

3460 mm


1 HP

0.75 KW

Blade Speed

98 - 1510 ft/min.

30 - 460 M/min

Machine Dimensions

43.3 x 34.6 x 74.4"

1100 x 880 x 1890 mm


550 lbs

410 kgs

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.

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