Models: SVL-2517 SX-F, SVL-2517 SZ-F
Travel 25.2 x 16.9 x 18.1, 25.2 x 16.9 x 23.6 in.
Taper, RPM 40, 12k
Tool Capacity 24 T
Spindle Motor 10/15 hp


This is a compact workhorse with linear roller pack ways that has fast rapid traverse but still offers strong work table support for heavy cutting.

  • FANUC Oi-MF, 8.4” LCD color screen
  • Travel : X/Y/Z : 25.2” / 17” / 18” (SVL-2517SX-F), 25.2” / 17” / 23.6” (SVL-2517SZ-F)
  • Table: 27.5″ x 16.5″
  • Spindle: 12k rpm, CAT 40 big plus, direct drive, 10/15 HP motor
  • Linear roller pack ways
  • ATC: Side mount 24 tools
  • Position accuracy: X/Y/Z (+/- 0002″)
  • Repeatability : X/Y/Z (+/- 00016″)
  • Machine size without chip conveyor: W/D/H (79.53″/ 86.46″/ 100″)
  • Coolant nozzle: 2, air blow nozzle: 1
  • Coolant tank capacity: 42 gal
  • Electrical: 220V/ 3 Ph/ 20 KVA


Roller vs Ball linear ways

When subjected to a load, rollers form line contact with the guide surface, which is much larger than the point contact that is formed when balls are subjected to a load. This gives roller rail guides higher load capacities than ball rail guides of the same size.

High Precision Ball Screw

Each axis is driven by a high precision double-nut ball screw that is centered between the guide ways.

The ball screws are pretensioned and anchored at both ends with angular contact bearings. Ball screws using single nuts or ones that are not pretensioned will have much greater play and backlash which can lead to problems with chatter and accuracy

High Performance Spindle

The spindle is designed with air curtain and air blast at tool change to prevent small chips from entering the inside of the quill.  Around the spindle, there are coolant nozzles for cutting operation and air nozzle for cutting dry.

FANUC Oi-MF control

The control panel comes with 8.4” color screen and software such as high speed AICC, 200 blocks look ahead, rigid tapping, manual guide Oi, and extra M codes

The operating panel is equipped with detachable MPG (Manual Pulse Generator), USB port, embedded Ethernet.

Auto Grease Lube System

Superior to Oil Lube system, Grease Lube stays onto the slide ways for longer time and requires less maintenance.


Work CapacitySVL-2517 SX-FSVL-2517 SZ-F
X axis travel25.20 in.
(640 mm)
25.20 in.
(640 mm)
Y axis travel17 in.
(435 mm)
17 in.
(435 mm)
Z axis travel18.1 in.
(460 mm)
23.6 in.
(600 mm)
Spindle nose to table3.15-21.26 in.
(80-540 mm)
3.94-27.56 in.
(100-700 mm)
Spindle center to column19.29 in.
(490 mm)
19.29 in.
(490 mm)
WorktableSVL-2517 SX-F SVL-2517 SZ-F
Table area27.5 x 16.5 in.
(700 x 420 mm)
27.5 x 16.5 in.
(700 x 420 mm)
Max. workpiece weight660 lbs.
(300 kg)
660 lbs.
(300 kg)
(Number x Width x Pitch)
5 x 0.7 x 3.14 in.
(5 x 18 x 80 mm)
5 x 0.7 x 3.14 in.
(5 x 18 x 80 mm)
SpindleSVL-2517 SX-F SVL-2517 SZ-F
Spindle taperCAT-40 Big Plus CAT-40 Big Plus
Spindle speed12,000 rpm12,000 rpm
Spindle motor: cont./30 min10/15 HP
(7.5/11 Kw)
Alpha Motor
10/15 HP
(7.5/11 Kw)
Torque 52 ft/lb
(70 Nm)
at 1500 rpm
52 ft/lb
(70 Nm)
at 1500 rpm
TransmissionDirect Coupling Direct Coupling
Automatic Tool ChangerSVL-2517 SX-F SVL-2517 SZ-F
ATC typeSide MountSide Mount
Tool capacity2424
Max. tool diameter3.94 in.
(100 mm)
3.94 in.
(100 mm)
Without adjacent tool5.9 in.
(150 mm)
5.9 in.
(150 mm)
Max. tool length9.8 in.
(250 mm)
9.8 in.
(250 mm)
Max. tool weight15.4 lbs.
(7 kg)
15.4 lbs.
(7 kg)
Tool change time
(tool to tool)
2 sec2 sec
Tool change time
(chip to chip)
6 sec 6 sec
Method of tool selection Random Random
MotionSVL-2517 SX-F SVL-2517 SZ-F
Rapid traverse0.04-1,417 in/min.
(1-36,000 mm/min)
0.04-1,417 in/min.
(1-36,000 mm/min)
Cutting feed rate0.04-393.7 in/min.
(1-1,000 mm/min)
0.04-393.7 in/min.
(1-1,000 mm/min)
TransmissionDirect Drive Direct Drive
Positioning accuracy*0.00016 in.
(0.004 mm)
0.00016 in.
(0.004 mm)
Repeatability accuracy*0.00012 in.
(0.003 mm)
0.00012 in.
(0.003 mm)
Ballscrew diameter X/Y/Z 1.26 in.
(32 mm)
1.26 in.
(32 mm)
X/Y/Z servo motors for Fanuc control 1.6/1.6/2.4 HP
(1.2/1.2/1.8 Kw)
1.6/1.6/2.4 HP
(1.2/1.2/1.8 Kw)
Coolant SystemSVL-2517 SX-F SVL-2517 SZ-F
Coolant tank capacity53 gal
(200 L)
42 gal
(160 L)
Number of Coolant Nozzles 33
Machine Size SVL-2517 SX-F SVL-2517 SZ-F
Floor space
(w/o chip conveyor)
W: 79.53 in. x D: 86.46 in.
(2020 mm x 2196 mm)
W: 79.53 in. x D: 86.46 in.
(2020 mm x 2196 mm)
Height99.4 in.
(2540 mm)
107.9 in.
(2740 mm)
Weight8272 lbs.
(3760 kg)
8272 lbs.
(3760 kg)
Operator door opening28.4 in.
(720 mm)
28.4 in.
(720 mm)
Power Requirements SVL-2517 SX-F SVL-2517 SZ-F
Electrical220V/3 Phase / 20 KVA / 60Hz220V/3 Phase / 20 KVA / 60Hz
Air6 CFM at 88 psi6 CFM at 88 psi

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • 512 K memory, USB port, CF card, RS-232 I/F, embedded ethernet
  • Rigid tapping
  • Coolant gun, air gun
  • LED work light
  • Full enclosure
  • Spindle air curtain
  • Chip coolant flush
  • 4 extra M code
  • Removable hand wheel (MPG)
  • Air reservoir tank with alarm
  • Electric cabinet heat exchanger
  • Spindle chille

Optional Accessories

  • Hinge type flat chip conveyor with bucket
  • Scraper type chip conveyor with bucket – recommended for non-ferrous material
  • Oil skimmer
  • Coolant thru spindle (CTS), prepped 70-bar (1,000 psi)
  • CTS pump
  • 4th axis preparation (wiring only, no drive, no motor)
  • Rotary table
  • Fanuc 10.4″ LCD in lieu of 8.4″

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