X Travel 66.9 in.
Y Travel 31.5 in.
Z Travel 23.6 in.
Taper, HP #50, 20 hp


The Sharp KMA-3-CNC series Bed Type Vertical Milling Machine was engineered for easy, simple, hard metal removal. This is an extremely rigid “C” frame design using hardened and ground box ways and 18 speeds gear head spindle to do the cutting. There is no Automatic Tool Change (ATC). This series has 3 sizes equipped with 15 HP motor, 1,500 rpm, CAT 50 spindle.

  • KMA-3-CNC : 23.6” x 86.6” table, 31” x 66.9” travel, #50 taper, 15 HP motor
  • Fanuc OiMF control and AC servo drives
  • 3 axes electronic handwheel ( MPG)
  • Hardened and grounded slideways with Turcite coating
  • 18 speeds spindle with  NT # 50 taper spindle
  • Pneumatic locks on the table and saddle for heavy cutting
  • Power draw bar
  • Coolant System
  • Electro Magnetic spindle brake


4 Box way design

The 4 slide ways are hand scraped, hardened and ground. Box ways have superior vibration damping capacity than linear ways and can be used on severe machining applications. During a crash, they are less susceptible to damage due to large contact surface.

Gearhead High Precision Spindle

The gearhead spindle delivers greater torque output for heavy duty machining. The high quality gears are hardened and ground for durability, high accuracy and minimum noise. The gear box has circulating type filtration system to keep the lubricating oil clean. It has 18 speeds ranges from 45 rpm to 1,500 rpm





Table Travel (X)

66.9 in.

1700 mm

Table Travel (Y)

31.5 in.

800 mm

Spindle Head Travel (Z)

23.6 in.

600 mm

X/Y Cutting Range

66.9/30.7 in.

1700 x 780 mm

Cutting Height

27.5 in.

700 mm

Spindle Nose to Table Top

5.9 - 29.5 in.

150-750 mm

Spindle Center to Column

33.4 in.

848 mm




Table Working Area

86.6 x 23.6 in.

2200 x 600 mm

T-Slot (No. x W x Pitch)

5 x 0.78 x 4.9 in.

5 x 20 x 124 mm

Table Top to Floor

33.66 in.

855 mm

Max Loading

4,400 lbs

2,000 kg

Spindle Head



Spindle Nose No. 50No. 50
Spindle Speeds (Hi-Low) 45-1500 rpm 45-1500 rpm




Rapid Traverse (X. Y)

1.2-236 ipm

30.48-6000 mm

Feeds (X, Y)

1.2-236 ipm

30.48-6000 mm





15 HP

11.18 kw

X/Y/Z axis

4 HP

3 kw

For Lubrication

0.25 HP

0.18 kw

For Coolant Pump

0.25 HP

0.18 kw

Machine Size



Machine Height

125.2 in.

3180 mm

Floor Space (X, Y)

204 x 160.6 in.

5182 x 4074 mm

Net Weight

16,500 lbs.

7484 kg

Gross Weight

19,000 lbs.

8618 kg

Total Power Consumptions



Total Power Consumptions 25 KVA 25 KVA

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • Power drawbar
  • Auto lubrication
  • Coolant system
  • Pneumatic locks on table and saddle
  • Electro Magnetic spindle brake

Optional Accessories

  • Linear scales (3 axes)
  • Table chip guard
  • 4,600 rpm variable speed in lieu of 1,500 rpm
  • Indexer

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