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In 2012, Mr. Caruk purchased a SHARP Industries Box Way Vertical Machining Center, model SV-6332SX. “Our SHARP machine fills a nitch for those parts that are simply too big for our other VMC’s and allows us to tackle projects with multiple parts requirements by allowing us to gang several parts on the table in a single setup.” Mr. Caruk grew tired of having to look elsewhere for outside shops to handle work once the size exceeded 40”, that’s when he decided to purchase his own machine. “Loads of other machines are available in the same size class, but most of them are about half the weight. For stability, mass really does make a difference and I couldn’t be happier with the parts produced. With the 200 block look ahead on the Fanuc control the OD and ID contours are simply perfect” said Mr. Caruk. - S. Caruk, owner of SV-6332

The 7 Sharp machines I own ..are constructed well and fit the kind of jobs I do for the racing industry. Sharp customer service is the best I’ve ever had. They’re excellent to deal with, straight forward and honest.” -  W. Brooks, RaceTec Pistons, owner of SV-3220

Schott North America has 32 machines on the shop floor, the SV-2412 Mini Mills. Productivity has been excellent because of the easy programming. The controls on the machines make it very powerful and easy to set up. The convenience of using this equipment improves our uptime and the machines have proven to be reliable and durable resulting in smooth cutting and low vibrations.” - G. George & R. Fitzpatrick, Schott North America, Inc., owner of SV-2412