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Sharp Industries, Inc. of Torrance, California is introducing a series of Heavy Duty CNC Bed Mills with 2 spindles, that can do vertical and horizontal machining on the same machine. Besides the regular vertical spindle, the machine head also has a horizontal spindle at the front that allows all the milling and drilling jobs to be done on one set up . With such design, the operator no longer has to move the work piece from one machine to another, to clamp and re-clamp, or to realign the work piece. With one set up, the accuracy of the work piece can be maintained.

Equipped with the optional rotary table, the machine can do 5 sides machining in one set up, that greatly increase the efficiency and reduce spindle idling time.

The series comes in 4 different sizes, with X and Y axes travel range from 51" x 33" to 78" x 47",the Z travel ranges from 21" to 39". FANUC Oi-MF control is used for the control. The head is equipped with hi low gear, and the #50 taper spindle has motors range from 15 HP to 25 HP. Machine wt up to 33,000 lbs.