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Linear Way Vertical Machining Centers

This SHARP MODEL SVL-4525SX-F is designed for making complex 3D forms in die mold machining. Toolings like stamping dies, forming dies, forging dies and injectiion molds have complex shapes mirroring or matching the intended shape of the final part. The FANUC control equipped with advanced NURB, faster Lookahead software enhances the 3-D contoured geometry machining.  With Cross Pack Roller Guideway by THK or Convex Barrel Profile Guideway by SCHNEEBERGER, and Direct Drive 15,000 rpm spindle supported by ceramic bearings, the model is also capable of High Speed Machining  to take light milling passes productively to meet required geometry and surface finish. The elaborate ribbing structures of the castings and detailed hand scraped matching surfaces allow Hard Milling to be performed with high accuracy.

  • Massive vertical column and base structure, wt over 18,000 lbs
  • 4 solid ways to support saddle and table
  • Rapid Traverse up to 1,417 ipm/36 M/min
  • Built-in  spindle speed of 15,000 rpm with ceramic bearings
  • Position accuracy of .00002" inches/+- 0.005mm
  • Repeatability of .00012" inches/+-0.003mm
  • Enchanced FANUC softwares for Die Mold applications
  • Fanuc Oi-MF Control

Mold Making

Linear Way Vertical Machining Center SVL-4525SX-F  
Work Capacity
Travel X,Y,Z 45.3" x 25" x 20.1" (1,150mm x 635mm x 510mm)
Spindle Nose to Table 5.1 - 25.2" (130mm-640mm)
Spindle Center to Column 31.5" (800mm)
Work Table
Table Area 51.2" x 25" (1,300mm x 635mm)
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1,760 lbs (800 Kg)
Spindle Taper CAT 40
Spindle Max. Speed 15,000 rpm  
Driving Type Built-in  
Bearing Ceramic Bearing  
Spindle Motor 20/25 (15/18.5 kw)  
Rapid Traverse X/Y axis 1,417 ipm (36,000 mm/min)
Rapid Traverse Z axis 1,417 ipm (36,000 mm/min)
Cutting Feed Rate 0.04~1,417 (1~36,000)
Transmission Direct Drive
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
Magazine type Side Arm 30T  
Tool Selection Type Random
Max. Tool Diameter 3.1" (80mm)  
w/o adj. tool, max dia. 5.9" (125mm)  
Max Tool Length 11.8" (300mm)
Max Tool Weight 15.4 lbs (7kg)
Positioning Accuracy 0.0002/0.005 inch
Repeatability Accuracy 0.0002/0.005 inch(mm)
Coolant System
Flood Coolant Nozzles 6
Coolant Tank Capacity 52.8 gal. (200 L)
Chip Conveyor Hinge Type  
Machine Size
Floor Space (w/ chip conveyor) 171.5" x 134.3" (4,356 x 3,410)
Height 112.0" (3,100)
Weight 18,260 lbs (8,300 kg)
Power Requirement
Electrical 220V /3 Phase/20 KVA/60 Hz
Air 6 CFM @ 88 psi

Standard Accessories

  • Fanuc Oi-MF Control, 10.4" LCD
  • AICC II (200-block look-ahead)
  • Nano Smoothing, Bell type accel/deccel
  • 2 M Memory, USB Port, CF Card
  • Embedded Ethernet, RS-232C Interface
  • Network Drive Management
  • Rigid Tapping
  • CTS Prepped
  • Hinge type Chip Conveyor

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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