Models: SG-618-2AN, SG-820-2AN
Table Size6 x 18.3 in. & 8 x 20 in.
Max Grind Size5.9 x 19.7 in. & 8.7 x 21.7 in.
Center Height16 in.
Spindle HP2 hp


The model has NC spindle downfeed, hydraulic table feed and motorized cross saddle feed. It is designed with auto grinding cycle, spark out, auto return to zero, traverse and plunge grinding cycle.

  • 6” x 18” table, 7” x 21.6” travel (SG-618-2AN)
  • 8″ x 20″ table, 25″ x 23.6″ travel (SG-820-2AN)
  • 2 HP spindle motor – 3,420 rpm
  • Turcite ways
  • Ball screw on cross
  • NC spindle downfeed
  • Slide ways are hand scraped and coated w/ TURCITE
  • Hydraulic table feed
  • Automatic crossfeed
  • Accurate slot-grinding capability
  • Hydraulic table stroke setting
  • Double “v” way cross travel
  • One “v”, one flat way longitudinal travel


NC spindle downfeed system

Settings include : Zero setting, total depth, rough cut, fine cut and number of spark out. down feed speed, table stop at right or left. Electronic handwheel (MPG) allows manual dialing for down feed operations

Honey combed shape ribs design

Honey combed shape ribs design assures long lasting table straightness without any twisting and deformation due to thermal expansion or cutting pressure. Bottom of the grinding table is hand scraped for fitness. One V and one flat ways ensure precise movement of the table.

long lasting accuracy

Casting of the vertical column and the spindle is annealed for long lasting accuracy. Cartridge type spindle unit equipped with high precision preloaded angular contact bearings (ABEC 7) and direct drive motor of V3 vibration class to assure accurate grinding operations

Specs / Models

Max Grinding Length19.7 in.
(500.38 mm)
21.7 in.
(551.18 mm)
Max Grinding width5.9 in.
(149.8 mm)
8.7 in.
(220.98 mm)
Max Distance : Table to Spindle Center16 in.
(406.4 mm)
15.7 in.
(398.78 mm)
Table Size6 x 18.3 in.
(152.4 x 464.8 mm)
8 x 20 in.
(203.2 x 508 mm)
Longitudinal Travel21.6 in.
(548.6 mm)
23.6 in.
(599.4 mm)
Cross Travel7 in.
(177.8 mm)
9.25 in.
(234.9 mm)
Longitudinal Feed Of TableSG-618-2ANSG-820-2AN
Hand Feed per revolution2.7 in.
(68.58 mm)
2.7 in.
(68.58 mm)
Hydraulic Feed3.3 - 83 fpm
(1,005.84-25,298 mm)
3.3-82 ipm
(83.82-2,082.8 mm)
Cross Feed Of SaddleSG-618-2ANSG-820-2AN
Hand Feed Per revolution0.02 in.
(0.508 mm)
0.2 in.
(5.08 mm)
Hand Wheel Graduation0.001 in.
(0.0254 mm)
0.0005 in.
(0.0127 mm)
Intermittent Feed0.006-0.4 in.
(0.152-10.16 mm)
0.006-0.4 in.
(0.152-10.16 mm)
Continuous Traverse Feed47 ipm
(1,193.8 mm/min.)
47 ipm
(1,193.8 mm/min.)
Vertical Feed of WheelSG-618-2ANSG-820-2AN
Hand Feed Per revolution0.05 in.
(1.27 mm)
0.05 in.
(1.27 mm)
Hand Wheel Graduation0.0001 in.
(0.00254 mm)
0.0001 in.
(0.00254 mm)
Grinding WheelSG-618-2ANSG-820-2AN
Outside Diameter8 in.
(203.2 mm)
8 in.
(203.2 mm)
Wheel Bore1.25 in.
(31.75 mm)
1.25 in.
(31.75 mm)
Wheel Width0.63 in.
(16.002 mm)
0.5 in.
(12.7 mm)
Spindle1.5 HP
(1 Kw)
2 HP
(1.49 Kw)
Hydraulic Table1 HP
( 0.75 Kw)
1 HP
(0.75 Kw)
Floor Area (W x H x L)6.16 x 6.18 x 3.63 ft.
(1.87 x 1.88 x 1.10 M)
6.91 x 4.91 x 6.5 ft.
(2.10 x 1.49 x 1.98 M)
Approximate Weight2,100 lbs.
(952.5 Kg)
2,600 lbs.
(1,179.3 Kg)
Power Consumption (220V)2 KVA/5 amp4KVA/11 amps
Power Consumption (440V)2 KVA/2.5 amp4KVA/5.5 amps

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please call to verify.


Standard Accessories

  • NC spindle downfeed system
  • Grinding wheel
  • Kanetsu chuck with coolant system (12 gal) and splash guard
  • Auto-lube system
  • Wheel adapter/flange
  • Wheel balancing arbor
  • Work light
  • Diamond dresser
  • Tool kit
  • Wired 220V or 440V
  • Fully loaded special package available

Optional Accessories

    • Permanent magnetic chuck (fine pole)
    • Electro-magnetic chuck (fine pole) w/ control
    • Overhead manual parallel dresser
    • Balancing stand
    • Extra wheel adapter (flange)
    • Dust collector
    • Coolant system w/paper filter (25 gal) & magnetic separator, 220V/440V
    • Digital Readout System
    • CE mark

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