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CNC Precision Lathe
Model 2040NC, Model 2060NC, Model 2080NC

CNC flat bed lathe with FAGOR 8055iA TC control with conversational programming' 3.38” spindle bore, D1-8 camlock spindle built on one piece casting bed   

  • Flat bed CNC Teaching Lathe with FAGOR 8055iA control and drive system
  • User friendly conversational programming language
  • Different modes of operations available
  • Operate as manual lathe with electronic handwheels
  • Operate as a full CNC lathe with programmable speed, 
  •        using conversational language or G code language
  • Operate semi automatically, combining manual and CNC operations
  • Teach mode
  • OEM 2-axis CNC, 12.1” TFT CNC Chassis & Floppy driver. Std 20 inputs/12 outputs
  • D1-8 camlock spindle, 3-3/8” spindle bore
  • Geared head with 3 steps speed change, programmable speed
  • One Piece Cast Meehanite Bed
  • 10 HP Spindle Motor (For 22” TC Model)

CNC CONTROL 8055i/A by Fagor:


  • Manual – the lathe is operated like a conversational lathe, using the 2 electronic handwheels in the front to move the axes.  In addition if offers convenient features such as digital readout and constant surface speed.
  • Semiautomatic – it allows 2 axes to be controlled with the cranking of 1 handwhel, the machinist can cut arcs, tapers and chamfers. 
  • Automatic – with ability to execute any program, plus background editing capability. Powerful tool inspection mode included as well as full program control from keyboard programs to choose from, the 8085i/A will control everything from start to finish.
  • Single step – the machinist can go through all or part of the process by executing the program step by step. 


  • Conversational – icon key with conversational graphic screens for easy operator data input. No prior programming experience needed
  • G-code – this programming enables utilization of some sophisticated features such as parametric or variable programming. Auto –prompt via the help key prompts operator though graphic & text help screens.


  • Teach-in mode – the first part can be made manually while the control records the corresponding program, and then additional parts can be made in automatic mode. 
  • Canned Cycles – by selecting the associated ICON key or G-code, the CNC will prompt you through all canned cycles including Turning, Facing, Grooving and Threading, All equipped with a Thread Repair Canned Cycle.
  • On-board  profile editor for easy blue print programming. Simply enter the data right off the blueprint, the CNC automatically creates the program including complex profiles..
  • Solid graphic as standard with tool shape representation standard and available for use in both Execution and Simulation mode, Also with line graphic capability.
Swing Over Bed 20”
Swing Over Cross Slide 12-1/4”
Height of Center 11”
Distance Between Center 80”
Maximum Turning Length 75.30”
Width of Bed Ways (Construction) 13” (2 V-Way and 2-Flat Way, Ellipse Rib)
Total Length Bed 118”
Swing Over Gap 30-3/4”
Length of Gap 11-3/4”
Width in Front of Face Plate 6-3/4”
Spindle Nose Type D1-8 Camlock
Spindle Bore 3-3/8”
Bar Capacity 3 -1/4”
Taper of Spindle Bore w/Center Sleeve MT# 5
Spindle Speeds (3 steps) 1500-180, 300-30, 60-10 rpm
Bearing And Size 3 Points Supported
2 Taper roll bearing #32028 & #32028; 1 Ball bearing #6026 (Rear End)  
Travel and ballscrews  
Cross Slide Travel /Feed (X axis) 11”
Ballscrew Diameter (X axis) Dia. 1” x Pitch .2” C5
Cross Slide Rapid Travel (X axis) 236 ipm
Axis Motor (X axis) Yasakawa 220V 0.9Kw 7.3Nm AC Servo
Longitudinal Travel /Feed (Z axis) 76-3/8”
Ballscrew Diameter (Z axis) Dia. 1.6” x Pitch .4” C5
Longitudinal Rapid Travel (Z axis) 315 ipm
Axis Motor (Z axis) Yasakawa 220V 1.3Kw ; 7.3Nm AC Servo
Drive motor (X & Z axis) Yasakawa
Maximum Size Cutting Tool 1” x 1” For Square Tool;
1” Dia. for Boring Tool  
Hydraulic Turret (Optional) 8 Tool Section; Index time: including locking
0.35 sec., Total for 180° 1.1 sec.  
Electrical Power Turret (Optional) 6 Tool Section; Index Time: 0.4 sec.
Electrical 4-way Power Turret (Optional) 4 Tool Section; Index Time: 1.0 sec.
Width of Cross-slide Cover 7-1/4”
Quill Diameter 3”
Quill Taper MT# 5
Quill Travel 6-5/16”
Lubrication (Coolant Pump)  
Pump Motor 220V/12W/1Phase
Discharge Volume .034 gal/min
Discharge Pressure 114 PSI
Tank Capacity .53 gal
Pump Motor 1.8 HP 0.1kw
Capacity & Pressure 6.6 gal /min
Tank Capacity 37 gal
Main Spindle Motor 10 HP 3-Phase Continuous Rating Induction
Invertor Yakasawa 220V 10HP
Fagor Fagor 8055iA Mode, 11” Full-Key LCD,
AC Digital Servo Systems  
Dimensions (LxWxH) 148”x60”x75”
Net Weight (approx.) 6160 lbs
Specifications may be changed or improved without notice.  
Total Power Consumptions  
220V 15KVA/50 amps
440V 15KVA/25 amps


  • Back Plate
  • Coolant Pump Equipment
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Timing Belts
  • Safety Guard (include: Rear Splash Guard, 
  • 2-Sliding Doors in Front)
  • Electrical Box to Suit CNC Turning Control
  • Safety Chuck Guard
  • Mounting Block for Toolpost
  • Halogen Work Lamp
  • Encoder for Spindle RPM
  • Electronic Handwheel X & Y Axis
  • Main Motor 10HP 3Phase Cont. Rating Induction
  • Electrical 4-way toolpost
  • Toolbox and Adjusting Tools
  • Center Sleeve MT#5 
  • Two Dead Centers
  • Camlock Spindle Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Spanner (Double-Ended Wrench)
  • Hexagonal Wrench
  • Operation Manual


  • D1-8 Camlock:
  • Face Plate 17”            
  • Face Plate 20”                      
  • 3-jaw chuck 10”, direct mount                
  • 3-Jaw chuck 12” direct mount                 
  • 4-jaw chuck 12” direct mount                 
  • 4-jaw chuck  16” direct mount                
  • 3-jaw chuck 12” (BISON)                 
  • 3-jaw chuck 16” (BISON)            
  • 4-jaw chuck 12” (BISON)                 
  • 4-jaw chuck 16” (BISON)                 
  • Steady Rest for 17” Lathe (3/16” – 4 1/2”)      
  • Steady Rest for 20 and 22” ( ¼” – 7 1/8”)       
  • Follow Rest (3/8” – 3”)                  
  • Quick change toolpost 4 tool holders, manual version   
  • Electrical 4 way toolpost                                   
  • Electrical turret tool 8 tools magazine, 1”       
  • Hydraulic Turret Tool 8 Tools magazine with hydraulic pump and tank  
  • Hydraulic tailstock with hydraulic pump & tank                              
  • Hydraulic system 3 jaw 10” chuck with draw bar and hydraulic pump & tank  .00
  • Hydraulic system 3 jaw 10” chuck with draw bar and hydraulic turret tool 8 tools pump & tank with magazine hydraulic pump & tank                               
  • Hydraulic system 3 jaw 10” chuck with draw bar and hydraulic turret tool 8 tools and hydraulic tailstock with magazine hydraulic pump & tank          
  • CE standard equipment with filter, safety module, interlock and IEC electricity                                                                                                                    

NOTES: All specification subject to change without notice

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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