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30100B, 30120B, 30160B

These lathes are equipped with geared headstock, hardened and ground bed ways. Larger models are built on one piece casting bases for rigidity.         

  • The “B” models are equipped with D1-11 camlock spindle, 4.5” spindle bore.
  • The spindle is mounted on 2 precision tapered roller bearings and one ball bearing. This triple bearing support system ensure accuracy and rigidity at all times.
  • Handles that are used for engaging gears are built with locking pins to prevent the handles from being knocked out of place accidentally or under heavy cutting circumstances. Pulling the spring-loaded handle back and then shift does repositioning of handles.
  • The universal gearbox design allows easy selection of inch and metric threading by just turning the lever to the assigned position instead of changing individual gears outside the headstock.
  • A rotational style lever that results in less movement of the gears compare with the back-and-forth shifting style lever does selection of gears at the gearbox. Less movement of the gears means less wear and greater accuracy.
  • The gapped bed design allows extra large work piece to be chucked at the spindle when the gap is taken out.
  • Bed ways are induction hardened and ground for durability.
  • Headstock gears are hardened and ground, made out of Chrom-Moly alloy steel for maximum wear.
  • The headstock is equipped with a job button that allows inching movement of the spindle for easy engagement of gears.
  • One shot lube system is installed in the apron to direct lube oil to all the sliding surfaces.
Swing over bed 30"
Swing over cross slide 21"
Swing over gap 39"
Distance between centers 100" 120" 160"
Spindle nose type D1-11 cam lock
Spindle bore 4.5"
Spindle speeds (rpm) 10-1,000 rpm
Taper of spindle bore MT #7
Taper of center MT #5
Longitudinal feeds - in/rev (18) 0.002-0.032"
Cross feeds - in/rev (#) 0.001-0.0094" (17)
Inch Threads (#) 2-56 tpi (44)
Metric and Module Threads (#) 0.5-14mm (24)
D.P. Threads (36) 4-56 mm
Leadscrew Pitch, Diameter 4 tpi, 1 - 1/2
Cross Slide Travel 14.75"
Compound Rest Travel 8"
Compound Width 6"
Bed length 130.5" 153" 183"
Bed Width 15.75"
Quill travel (graduated) 6.5"
Quill diameter 3"
Quill taper MT #5
Spindle motor 15 HP
Net weight (lbs.)(approx) 7,282 8,316 10,978


  • 4-jaw chuck. (14”), (16” for B models)
  • Steady rest with bronze tip ( 3/4” - 9” )
  • Rapid traverse on carriage for models with center distance of 100” & over
  • Follow rest
  • Face plate (18”)
  • Coolant system
  • Splashguard
  • Chuck guard 
  • American tool post 
  • Halogen work light 
  • Longitudinal carriage stops
  • Tool kit


  • 3 Jaw chuck (10”, 12”, 16”)
  • 4 Jaw chuck (16”)
  • Steady rest with roller jaws(4”-15”, 9”-20”)
  • Follow rest
  • Micrometer carriage stop
  • Chuck guard
  • Drill chuck
  • Live centers 
  • 4 way tool post
  • Quick-change tool holder 
  • 5C collet closer 
  • Taper attachment
  • Digital Readout System

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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