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2480V, 24120V, 24160V 3080V, 30120V, 30160V

These lathes are equipped with geared headstock, hardened and ground bed ways. Larger models are built on one piece casting bases for rigidity.         

  • 3 preloaded high precision “TIMKEN” tapered roller bearings, 2 in the front and 1 in the rear to ensure accuracy under radial and axial cutting force support the spindle.
  • All gears in the headstock and the gearbox are made out of Nickel-Chromium alloy steel, hardened and ground for wear resistance.
  • The 4-1/8” hole spindle provides large chucking capacity with D1-11 camlock nose.
  • Electro-magnetic brake is installed in the headstock for fast braking of the spindle.
  • A splash lubrication system is used for ensuring the gear train with smooth and quiet operation.
  • The carriage is equipped with rapid traverse function with safety protection, for easy positioning of the work piece along the bed way.
  • The cross slide is equipped with 2 fully adjustable tapered gibs to provide wear compensation and adjustment.
  • The leadscrew and nuts of the cross slide run in oil bath for constant lubrication.
  • The gearbox offers a wide range of threads. It offers 60-inch threads, from 1/4 TPI to 84 TPI. A total of 230 threads, inch, metric, DP and MO threads are available. The selection of each thread is achieved by shifting the proper levers, no need to change any end gears outside the headstock.
  • The tailstock quill has a 4:1 reduction ratio to provide the extra push in heavy drilling. It is graduated with dial for accurate control of quill feed. It has a key-way lock that prevents twisting during heavy drilling work.
PRECISION LATHES - V SERIES 2480V 24120V 24160V 3080V 30120V 30160V
Swing over bed 24" 30"
Swing over cross slide 14-3/4"
Swing over gap, width 33", 20" 33", 39"
Distance between centers 80” 120” 160” 80” 120” 160”
Spindle nose type D1-11 CAMLOCK
Spindle bore/hole 4-1/8" Diameter
Taper of hole in spindle nose MT#5
Spindle speeds (18 changes) 10-1200 rpm
Inch threads [#] 1/4 - 84 TPI (60 threads)
Metric and module threads [#] 0.2 - 112 mm (60 Threads)
DP Threads 1 - 240 DP (55 Threads)
MP Threads 0.05 - 28 MP (55 Threads)
Longitudinal feeds 0.0015 - 0.2 in/rev
Cross-feed 0.0006 - 0.16 in/rev
Lead screw Diameter/Pitch 1-1/2" / 2 TPI
Crosslide travel 14-3/4"
Compound rest travel 9"
Size of Carriage 30-1/4" Width x 26-3/4" Length
Bed width 19"
Bed height 15-3/4"
Quill diameter 3-1/8" Diameter
Quill travel 7-1/2"
Quill taper MT#5
Spindle motor 15 HP (220V or 440V, 60,3)
WT. (approx.) 8,000 lbs 9,000 lbs 10,000 lbs 8,200 lbs


  • Face Plate (20”)
  • Steady rest with roller jaws (8"-13") 
  • Coolant system 
  • Longitudinal carriage stop
  • Halogen work light 


  • 3 Jaw chuck (16”, 20”)
  • 4 Jaw chuck (20”)
  • Roller jaws for steady rest
  • Follow rest 
  • Quick-change tool holder
  • Live centers
  • Micrometer carriage stop 
  • Taper attachment
  • Tracer attachment

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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