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With Fagor 8055iA CNC Control and Drive System



  • Swing Over Bed 14”
  • Swing Over Gap 20”
  • Swing Over Cross Slide 8-5/8”
  • Distance Between Center 40”
  • Max. Turning Length 35.14”


  • Spindle Nose Type D1-4 Camlock
  • Spindle Bore 1-1/2”
  • Bar Capacity 1-1/2”
  • Taper of Spindle Bore MT#5


  • Flat bed CNC lathe with FAGOR 8055iA control and drive system
  • User friendly conversational programming language
  • Different modes of operations available
  • Operate as manual lathe with electronic handwheels,
  • Operate as a full CNC lathe with programmable speed, using conversational language or G code language,
  • Operate semi automatically, combining manual and CNC operations
  • CNC CONTROL 8055i/A by FAGOR


  1. Manual – the lathe is operated like a conversational lathe, using the 2 electronic hand wheels in the front to move the axes. In addition if offers convenient features such as digital readout and constant surface speed.
  2. Semiautomatic – it allows 2 axes to be controlled with the cranking of 1 hand wheel; the machinist can cut arcs, tapers and chamfers.
  3. Automatic – with ability to execute any program, plus background editing capability. Powerful tool inspection mode included as well as full program control from keyboard programs to choose from, the 8085i/A will control everything from start to finish.
  4. Single step – the machinist can go through all or part of the process by executing the program step by step.


  1. Conversational – icon key with conversational graphic screens for easy operator data input. No prior programming experience needed
  2. G-code – this programming enables utilization of some sophisticated features such as parametric or variable programming. Auto –prompt via the help key prompts operator though graphic & text help screens.


  • Teach-in mode – the first part can be made manually while the control records the corresponding program, and then additional parts can be made in automatic mode.
  • Canned Cycles – by selecting the associated ICON key or G-code, the CNC will prompt you through all canned cycles including Turning, Facing, Grooving and Threading, All equipped with a Thread Repair Canned Cycle.
  • On-board profile editor for easy blue print programming. Simply enter the data right off the blueprint, the CNC automatically creates the program including complex profiles..
  • Solid graphic as standard with tool shape representation standard and available for use in both
  • Execution and Simulation mode, Also with line graphic capability.