Refurbished Machines

Sharp Industries now offers refurbished machines like the 1118H Toolroom Lathe, 2280B Precision Lathe, and SVL-402416S-F! Contact us for more information




KHM 140 and 180 Horizontal Boring and Milling Machines

Sharp Industries horizontal boring and milling machines cover all of your large project needs. Our KHM 140 and 180 are specifically designed to carry out boring and milling jobs in railroad, construction, automotive, nuclear industries, and other industrial applications.


  • The X & Z-axes are equipped with ballscrews, which ensures that the table moves smoothly.
  • Headstock, table, and saddle are equipped with hydraulic clamp and servo motors to ensure precise movement.
  • Spindle headstock balance is accurately taken and a counter weight permits the head to travel smoothly and to retain its accuracy.
  • All castings are made of high quality cast iron and are stress relieved.
  • Fixed quill design

Heavy Duty Manual and CNC Bed Mills

Table Range: from 15” x 67” to 29.5” x 106.3”

Travel Range: from 15” x 39” x 19.7” to 31.5” x 78.7” x 27.5”

Spindle Range: from 10HP vertical #50 to 20HP vertical #50


  • Massive box ways construction
  • X, Y, Z axis equipped with pneumatic clamp device
  • Full geared drive spindle 
  • Eye level control
  • 4 way rapid feed control
  • Available in 4 additional smaller sizes and with a horizontal head


  • FANUC Oi-MF control and drives
  • 3 axis high precision ball screws with MPG
  • Hardened and ground slideways with TURCITE coating
  • Geared Head construction
  • #50 taper spindle with power draw bar, E-M brake

High Power SVG

The Sharp SVG series was engineered from the ground up for hard metal machining. This is a extremely rigid “C” frame design using hardened and ground box ways. All structural components are made of Meehanite casting with internal ribs running throughout each section. Precision hand scraping of each section provides near perfect alignment assuring long term accuracies.

The new Fanuc 0i MF control with 10.4” color LCD is used along with all Fanuc motors and drives. For operator convenience, a remote jog handle is standard.


  • Machine Travel: from 43.3” x 28.3“ x 26.8” to  98.4” x 43,3” x 35.4”
  • Box Ways: 4 & 6
  • Spindle Speed: 30-6000 RPM 
  • Spindle Motors: 35 HP
  • Machine Weight: from 23,000 lbs to 63,000 lbs


  • Massive box ways construction
  • Precision scraped slideways
  • Full geared drive spindle
  • Optional coolant through spindle

SPINDLE is equipped with 35 hp, 6,000 rpm CAT 50 taper. It is supported by P4 class precision angular contact bearings, featuring superior radial and axial thrust capacity.

GEAR HEAD: The spindle is transmitted by gear head providing greater torque output for heavy duty machining. The gearhead consists of high quality gears which provide minimum noise, high accuracy, maximum wear resistance and long service life.

ULTIMATE STABILITY: All structural parts have box-type construction combined with rib reinforcement to guarantee quality performance. HIgh precision ball screws on three axes are pre-load to eliminate thermal displacement while ensuring continuous high accuracy. Ball screw accuracy calibrated within ± 0.01 mm in full length.

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Well known Wheel manufacturer gives high praises to SHARP Vertical Machining Center for mold work.

Another satisfied customer’s testimonial  “No issues for 6,400 hours of operations since day one. Spindle speed set at 12k, operating 24/7 making our molds.  Supervisor stated that SHARP Model SVL-4525 cuts better than the more expensive (Japanese) competitor’s small double column VMC that sits next to it. No backlash problems! 

Boss told me to buy SHARP in the  future.  We ordered 3 more . “  

PRIME WHEEL is one of  the country’s largest wheel manufacturers.


Sharp Model SVL-4525 features :

  •   High precision, heavy duty VMC for mold work 
  •   45” x 25” x 20.1” travel
  •   4 Guideways; 2 Linear Roller Guideways plus 2 support ways
  •   Massive fully ribbed column and base castings
  •   Net Wt. 18,260 lbs
  •   15,000 rpm, CAT40, Direct Drive spindle
  •   Fanuc Oi-MD control
  •   1,417 ipm (36M/mm) rapid traverse



With Fagor 8055iA CNC Control and Drive System



  • Swing Over Bed 14”
  • Swing Over Gap 20”
  • Swing Over Cross Slide 8-5/8”
  • Distance Between Center 40”
  • Max. Turning Length 35.14”


  • Spindle Nose Type D1-4 Camlock
  • Spindle Bore 1-1/2”
  • Bar Capacity 1-1/2”
  • Taper of Spindle Bore MT#5


  • Flat bed CNC lathe with FAGOR 8055iA control and drive system
  • User friendly conversational programming language
  • Different modes of operations available
  • Operate as manual lathe with electronic handwheels,
  • Operate as a full CNC lathe with programmable speed, using conversational language or G code language,
  • Operate semi automatically, combining manual and CNC operations
  • CNC CONTROL 8055i/A by FAGOR


  1. Manual – the lathe is operated like a conversational lathe, using the 2 electronic hand wheels in the front to move the axes. In addition if offers convenient features such as digital readout and constant surface speed.
  2. Semiautomatic – it allows 2 axes to be controlled with the cranking of 1 hand wheel; the machinist can cut arcs, tapers and chamfers.
  3. Automatic – with ability to execute any program, plus background editing capability. Powerful tool inspection mode included as well as full program control from keyboard programs to choose from, the 8085i/A will control everything from start to finish.
  4. Single step – the machinist can go through all or part of the process by executing the program step by step.


  1. Conversational – icon key with conversational graphic screens for easy operator data input. No prior programming experience needed
  2. G-code – this programming enables utilization of some sophisticated features such as parametric or variable programming. Auto –prompt via the help key prompts operator though graphic & text help screens.


  • Teach-in mode – the first part can be made manually while the control records the corresponding program, and then additional parts can be made in automatic mode.
  • Canned Cycles – by selecting the associated ICON key or G-code, the CNC will prompt you through all canned cycles including Turning, Facing, Grooving and Threading, All equipped with a Thread Repair Canned Cycle.
  • On-board profile editor for easy blue print programming. Simply enter the data right off the blueprint, the CNC automatically creates the program including complex profiles..
  • Solid graphic as standard with tool shape representation standard and available for use in both
  • Execution and Simulation mode, Also with line graphic capability.

Sharp Industries offers stability with two spindles, vertical & horizontal on our heavy duty CNC Bed Mills.

Sharp Industries, Inc. of Torrance, California is introducing a series of Heavy Duty CNC Bed Mills with 2 spindles, that can do vertical and horizontal machining on the same machine. Besides the regular vertical spindle, the machine head also has a horizontal spindle at the front that allows all the milling and drilling jobs to be done on one set up . With such design, the operator no longer has to move the work piece from one machine to another, to clamp and re-clamp, or to realign the work piece. With one set up, the accuracy of the work piece can be maintained.

Equipped with the optional rotary table, the machine can do 5 sides machining in one set up, that greatly increase the efficiency and reduce spindle idling time.

The series comes in 4 different sizes, with X and Y axes travel range from 51" x 33" to 78" x 47",the Z travel ranges from 21" to 39". FANUC Oi-MF control is used for the control. The head is equipped with hi low gear, and the #50 taper spindle has motors range from 15 HP to 25 HP. Machine wt up to 33,000 lbs.

Sharp Industries 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

The Sharp SVX- 500 vertical machining center is engineered to have unrivaled quality and outperform all other machines in its category. Sharp's SVX-500 allows true 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Mold making gets easier with SHARP SVL 4525-SX

SHARP Industries is offering a new model of Linear Roller Way Vertical Machining Center, model SVL-4525- SX which features a X,Y,Z travel of 45” x 25” x 20”. This machine is a heavy duty, linear roller way machine perfect for die-mold manufacturing. The machine features a high speed, 25 HP motor, direct drive 15,000 rpm spindle (optional 20,000). For higher tool rigidity the machine is equipped with a CAT 40 BIG PLUS spindle. The SHARP SVL-4525- SX has a rapid traverse up to 1,417 inches per minute (36M). As the heaviest machine in its class at over 18,000 lbs., this machine is perfect for high precision mold work, with scales mounted at the axes, positioning and repeatability is held within 0.00008”. Thermal stability of the machine is maintained by a spindle oil chiller and electric cabinet heat exchanger. The model uses a Fanuc Oi-MF advanced control system with high speed contouring software and Fanuc drives and motors. SHARP offers numerous standard features which enhance the productivity of this machine, they include: a removable MPG hand-wheel, USB port and embedded Ethernet on the control panel, spindle air blast, air gun and coolant gun mounted at front of machine, oil skimmer, chip conveyor, coolant through spindle prepped and ATC air accumulator.
SHARP’s SVL-4525- SX is ideal for die-mold manufacturers and job shops looking for high quality performance and superior results at a competitive price.
Our customers reviewed SHARP Industries SVL-4525- SX as a better cutting machine than its well-known competitors.
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