Sharp Industries, Inc of Torrance, California is now offering a large size Vertical Bed Type Milling Machine, Model KMA-5H. The KMA-5H features a travel range of 98" x 31.5" x 27.5", a 106" x 30" table and a 20 HP vertical head.   The #50 taper vertical spindle is equipped with hi-low gear and high power frequency drive inverter to deliver high torque with variable speed change.  The vertical head is driven by servo motor allowing variable speed vertical travel. The KMA-5H is also equipped with a separate horizontal head mounted at the side of the column,  the head moves up and down with a range of 27.5” and is also driven by a servo motor to allow variable speed travel.  The KMA-5H has a 7.5 HP spindle motor and #50 taper, such design for a machine with two spindles, allows vertical and horizontal boring or milling operations to be done in one set up. The KMA-5H greatly increases efficiency and accuracy on large work pieces. The oversize table has extra outboard support in addition to the wide machine base, offering more stability in heavy milling and boring applications. X and Y axis travel is also driven by servo motors allowing smooth and variable speed traverse. All three axes are equipped with pneumatic lock device and electronic hand wheel (MPG) for easy movement of the huge table and heads.

Major castings are made from honeycomb ribbed castings for maximum vibration dampening features. All box ways are hardened and ground to maintain durability under heavy duty machining. Machine wt. over 30,000 lbs.