Sharp Industries, Inc of Torrance, California has expanded its new line of rotary tables, to 4 models with table diameters of 6.7", 7.8", 9.8" and 12.6”. The models are also designed to provide an optimum way to handle small parts by using the commonly available 5C collet and collet closure system.

SHARP Rotary Table accuracy is achieved through quality manufactured parts and custom manufactured Dual Lead Worm Gear System. This system is designed specifically for the SHARP model. It is a one piece unit that is more rugged and accurate than the other Split Worm Gear System. Besides providing a smooth, uninterrupted motion, high worm gear efficiency, and easy adjustment for backlash, it also offers rigidity and excellent wear characteristics. The unit has a continuous type input increment of 0.001 degree. It is compatible with CNC drives from FANUC, SIEMENS, and FAGOR.