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Linear Way Vertical Machining Centers

The Sharp SVL series of compact linear guide way vertical machining centers combine high productivity with great accuracy. All vertical machining centers structural components are made of Meehanite castings and internal ribs running throughout each section. The standard option come with spindle speeds of 10,000 RPM. 

For more visit our YouTube page and watch a demonstration of the SVL-2416 with Siemens Control. (click here)


  • 24” x 16” x 18” travel
  • Linear  way construction
  • 1890 in/min (48 M/min) rapid traverse
  • 10,000 rpm, CAT 40 spindle
  • 10 tools carousel type ATC
  • Siemens 828D PPU240.2 control, 8.4” LCD display
  • Small footprint

Linear Way Vertical Machining Center SVL-2416S-M SVL-2416SE-M SVL-2416SX-M
Work Capacity
Travel X,Y,Z 24" x 16" x 18.1" (610mm x 356mm x 460)
Spindle Nose to Table 7.9 - 23.6 (200mm-600mm)
Spindle Center to Column 17 (432mm)
Work Table
Table Area 27.5" x 16.5" (700mm x 420mm)
Spindle Taper CAT 40
Spindle Max. Speed 10,000 RPM
Driving Type Belt Drive Belt Drive Belt Drive (opt. Direct Drive)
Motor (30m/cont.) 9.3/10.7 (7/8 kw)
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
Magazine type Carousel Carousel Side Mount
Magazine Capacity 10 16 24
Tool Selection Type Set Tool Number Set Tool Number Random
Max. Tool Diameter 4.3" (110mm) 3.9" (120mm) 3" (76.2)
w/o adj. tool, max dia. 6.7" (170mm) 5.9" (150mm) 5" (127mm)
Max Tool Length 7.9" (200mm) 9.8" (250mm) 12" (304.8mm)
Max Tool Weight 13.2 lbs (6kg) 15.4 lbs (7kg) 15.4 lbs (7kg)
Air Blast at Tool Change Standard
Cutting Feed Rate 0.04 - 393.7 ipm (1-10,000 mm/m)
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z: 1,890 ipm (48,000 mm/m)
Positioning Accuracy 0.00016/0.004 inch
Repeatability Accuracy 0.00012/0.003 inch(mm)
CNC Control Features
Controller Siemens
Control Model 828D-240.2 828D-260.2 828D-260.2
Programming Assist "ShopMill-Conversational Type"
4th Axis Support Optional Standard Standard
Screen Size 8.4 10.4 10.4
Coolant System
Flood Coolant Nozzles 2
Coolant Tank Capacity 42 gal. (160 L)
Chip Pan Standard
Power Requirement
Electrical 220V (w/ transformer) /3 Phase/20 KVA/60 Hz
Air 6 CFM @ 88 psi
Machine Measurements
Floor Space W: 72.8" (1,850 M), w/ side mount 78.2" (2,000M) D: 85" (2,160 M)
Height 91.5" (2,325M)
Door Opening 25" (635M)
Weight 7,260 lbs (3,300)


  • Siemens 828D-PPU241.2 control and drives with ; USB port, 2560m(1MB) memory, Embedded Ethernet, RS-232C interface, 50 blocks look ahead,4 additional M codes, M30 Auto Power Off
  • Siemens “ShopMill-Conversational Type Programming" 
  • Full metal enclosure with 2 large side doors
  • Coolant system with enlarged coolant tank
  • Coolant gun
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Rigid tapping
  • Air gun
  • Removable electronic hand wheel (MPG)
  • Door interlock
  • Chip pan
  • Air accumulator
  • Heat exchanger for electric cabinet
  • Florescent work light


  • 4th axis kit prepped ( electrics, cables unit)
  • 4th axis with rotary table (complete with drives, motor)
  • Flat type chip conveyor
  • Oil skimmer
  • Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) prepped (rotary joint, hoses, cylinder electrics)
  • CTS 20 bar (300 psi) pump with tank
  • Tool Probe (Renishaw TS27R)
  • Tool Setter (Renishaw OMP40
  • Spindle oil chiller

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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