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SHDC-6087 to SHDC-60240 (5 sizes)

The SHDC line of Double Column Surface Grinder can process large and heavy work pieces of up to 20 ft (6 M) long,and 5 ft (1.5 M) wide. Even larger capacity models are available upon request. The cross beam is equipped with ball screws for smooth travel of spindle head. Cross travel is operated by dials on the control panel. Fine cross feed can be done by manual handle. The spindle downfeed is driven by servo motor operated by MPG (Manual Pulse Generator) electronic handle.The hydraulic table is driven by 2 pistons for balanced longitudinal travel. An extra optional head is available for horizontal grinding. The machine is ideal for grinding machine bedways and bases. It is also well suited for various die-mold aplications.


  • 5 different sizes available.
  • Extra Length Table & Bed Ways - the table ways are made 70% longer than the length of the working surface to prevent distortion and deflection. The length of the bed ways are twice the table. This design ensures against overhang of the table working surface.
  • All longitudinal and crossfeed ways are hand-scraped and Turcite coated for high wear resistance and super smooth table movement.
  • High precision spindles are supported by multiple anti-friction bearings, which are adjusted both radially and axially, and are permanently sealed with high quality grease.
  • Runout of taper nose is less than 0.0001" T.I.R. The spindle and motor assembly is dynamically balanced to reduce vibration.
  • The patented design of the crossfeed motor uses a solid state relay and requires little or no maintenance during the life of the machine.
  • The mechinical directional valve is designed to prevent any table reversal shock.
  • A special hydraulic system is used, which is a free-standing unit isolated from the grinder. The heat from the hydraulic oil does not affect grinder performance. Any vibration from the hydraulic pump is isolated from the grinder. A mechanical directional valve provides super smooth table movement with no table reversal shock. Cartridge type oil filters are used, making the oil cylinder and directional valve virtually maintenance-free, for a full five years. Twin single-action hydraulic cylinders and piston rods make table motions rigid and stable. Table distortion is nonexistent.

Double Column Surface Grinde

SHDC-6087, 60120, 60160, 60200, 60240

Table travel 74.8" x    92.5", 124", 163" 202.7",  242"

Clearance Between Columns                                  Spindle center to table top                                                                                                                                          43.3                                      


Working Surface 59" x     86.6",  118",      157", 196",   236"
Longitudinal Hydraulic Table Feed 78.7 - 984 IPM
Intermitten Cross Feed, per feed 0.004-1.38"
Continuous cross feed (ipm) 78.7 - 984 IPM
Number of graduations 200
Feed per graduation 0.0008"
Hand Feed per Revolution 0.19"
Vertical Travel
Feed per revolution 0.01"
Feed per graduation 0.00004"
Rapid Traverse 9.8 IPM
Wheel size (OD x Width x ID) 20" x 3.94" x 8"
Horizontal Spindle motor 15 HP
Vertical Head Spindle motor 10 HP-27.5 HP
Hydraulic Motor (longitudinal) 17.5 HP-30 HP
Spindle Speed 1150 RMP
Approximate weight (lbs) 81,400 - 136,400
Dimensions (ft) 11.4 x 12.5 x            21.6, 27.5, 36.6, 44, 51




Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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