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CNC OD Grinder
CNC Turret Head OD/ID Grinder 3/4 axes

This series of machine has a 3 axis and a 4 axis version.

Both versions are equipped with the turret wheel head. It can mount 2 OD grinding wheels.(  One for straight grinding grinding, one for taper grinding. It still plunges straight down along the X axis.) and 1 ID wheel. The rotating turret is the B axis,( it swivel from 35 degree Counteer Clockwise to 195 degree Clockwise). The wheelhead plunge down along the X axis. The table move along the Z axis. Total 3 axes

The 4 axes version involves the work head spindle. It rotates as the C axis. So it can be programmed to rotate at some exact position (degree) This feature allows the machine to grind non-round parts, such as eccentric shafts, cams or polygonal work piece.



Turret Head with 2 OD and 1 ID wheels                                   OD end face taper grinding using one of the OD wheels on the turret



  • The turret head can mount 2 OD grinding wheels and 1 ID wheel. One OD wheel can do plunge grinding, another OD whell can do taper grinding.
  • The turret rotates along the B axis
  • The turret plunge down along the X axis
  • The table moves along the Z axis
  • The work head spindle can rotates along the C axis (4 axis models) to grind non round parts, such as cam, cranshaft and elliptical
  • FANUC Oi-TD CNC control
  • Machine can perform ID, OD, shoulder, taper and end face grinding in one set up.                                                                                                                   

Standard Acccessories

  • FANUC Oi-TD control and drives
  • OD grinding wheels with wheel flanges
  • ID spindle with inverter and cooler (24,000 rpm)
  • CNC rotary function with rotary encoder (B axis) for Turret unit
  • Work head (MT#4), variable speed
  • Hydraulic tailstock (MT#4)
  • Touch probe
  • Fully enclosed splash guard with Oil Mist separator
  • Coolant system with magnetic separator and paper filter
  • Wheel extractor
  • Carbide tip center (MT#4 x2)
  • Diamond dresser and stand
  • Roller type balancing stand with arbor
  • Halogen lamp
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Tool box with tools

Optional Accessories

  • OD gauging device (single set up)
  • Gap control device
  • Spare ID spndle (42,000 rpm)
  • Spare wheel flange
  • Transformer 20 KVA
  • CE certification

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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