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CNC OD Grinder
CNC OD Grinder-2 axes

This series of cylindrical grinders can perform 2 axes OD grinding operation. Grinding capacity for different models range from maximum grinding diameter of 7" to 14", and distance between center of 14" to 80"  The machine is equipped with FANUC Oi-TD CNC which carries 2 years of parts and labor warranty on the control. The machine can also perform ID grinding with the optional swing down style ID attachment.


  • Wheel head moves along X axis, table moves along Z axis. Driven by FANUC digital servo system
  • CNC  by FANUC Oi-TF control
  • X axis equipped with linear scale for high precision travel
  • Wheel head rotates on Babbit Bearings, a combination of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings surrounded by high pressure oil film. It eliminates metal-to-metal contact and provides vibration free operation. Model OD-820-2X and OD-1020-2X are equipped with regualr bearings.
  • Table travels on hydrodynamic slideways for smooth table movements
  • Wheel head equipped with Constant Surface Speed for grinding wheel.
  • Swing down type ID attachment available as option



  • FANUC Oi-TD CNC control
  • Grinding wheel with wheel flange
  • Wheel extractor
  • Automatic grinding wheel speed change (multiple steps)
  • Variable speed on work head
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • X axis linear scale
  • Coolant system with magnetic separator and Filter system
  • Semi enclosed splash guard
  • Roller type balancing stand with aarbor
  • Diamond dresser and stand
  • Carbide tip center
  • Wheel spindle lube oil cooler
  • Electric cabinet heat exchanger
  • Work lamp
  • Tool and tool box and manuals


  • ID (Internal Grinding ) attachment (swing down style)
  • OD gauging  (single setup)
  • Touch probe
  • Gap control
  • Crash control
  • Automatic sheel balance system
  • Full enclosr with door
  • Oil mist separaator
  • Rotary dresser without diamond
  • CE mark certification
  • Spare wheel flange
  • Transformer


Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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