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CNC OD Grinder
CNC Large OD Grinder 2axis travelling wheelhead

This series of large 2 axis CNC cylindrical grinders can perform OD grinding capacity of 12" diameter. Their distance between centers range from 20" to 160" . The grinding wheel can travel along the Z axis for grinding extra long work pieces. The wheel head also plunges along the X axis to perform Outside Diameter OD) grinding. The machine is equipped with FANUC Oi-TD control and drives system. The machine can also perform Inside Diameter (ID) grinding operations utilizing the swing down type ID attachment (optional accessory)



  • Wheel head moves along Z axis (along the length of the work piece), wheel head also travels along X axis (plunge down to grind diameteer of work piece)
  • CNC  by FANUC Oi-TF control
  • X axis equipped with linear scale for high precision travel
  • Wheel head rotates on Babbit Bearings, a combination of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings surrounded by high pressure oil film. It eliminates metal-to-metal contact and provides vibration free operation. Model OD-820-2X and OD-1020-2X are equipped with regualr bearings.
  • Table travels on hydrodynamic slideways for smooth table movements
  • Wheel head equipped with Constant Surface Speed for grinding wheel.
  • Swing down type ID attachment available as option



  • FANUC Oi-TD CNC control
  • Grinding wheel with wheel flange
  • Wheel extractor
  • Automatic grinding wheel speed change (multiple steps)
  • Variable speed on work head
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • X axis linear scale
  • Coolant system with magnetic separator and Filter system
  • Semi enclosed splash guard
  • Roller type balancing stand with aarbor
  • Diamond dresser and stand
  • Carbide tip center
  • Wheel spindle lube oil cooler
  • Electric cabinet heat exchanger
  • Work lamp
  • Tool and tool box and manuals


  • ID (Internal Grinding ) attachment (swing down style)
  • OD gauging  (single setup)
  • Touch probe
  • Gap control
  • Crash control
  • Automatic sheel balance system
  • Full enclosr with door
  • Oil mist separaator
  • Rotary dresser without diamond
  • CE mark certification
  • Spare wheel flange
  • Transformer


Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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